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I believe in authority but I have less fear than most of authority, so I believe
in holding authority to a higher standard, which makes me rebellious and
most all authority is not very smart so they use their power to hold themselves
and their benefactors to a lower standard, which is tyranny and then they direct
that power onto those who question their authority, namely me and those like me.
We don't have a problem with authority we have a problem with tyranny.

“The Personal Robotic Revolution”& “The Robotic Construction Model”
A book is thought out and laid out in order; it has a subject and a plot. A book has a publisher, an editor, someone proofreads a book, and a book has an author. I don’t really claim to write these words, it’s more like the words write me. It feels like somehow tuning into some radio waves from space or somewhere and here they come, I don’t know where they come from and I don’t really know what they mean, till after I read what I just wrote and many times I don’t know what they mean then, if anything. There is no claim that this is a book it’s a HOW – To Change, it’s just a Hallucination Of Words. These words and stories are true as far as I can say, there is little artistic license except that the names have been changed to protect the guilty and time-lines altered to better stitch the whole tale together. “Down here in Southeast Texas we don’t tell no lie, we call it all the truth, all we do is Texify”. If you are going to bitch and complain and rant about all the problems and all the injustice and all the BS that so clearly seems so wrong, then you should at least offer some solutions as well! I don’t really think the political and business leaders of our nation care or even want to solve our problems. If you want to solve a problem you don’t ignore the solution and dismiss possible answers to a problem without a critical hearing or worse suppress viable possibilities. If you want to solve a problem you don’t spend an enormous amount of time, effort, and money trying to convince everyone you can that nothing can be done and nothing can change despite the fact that everything can be done and everything will change and it cannot be stopped only restrained and suppressed and denied for some amount of time for some ignorant reason. Every person who is fighting for change struggles against inertia and lethargic inaction to get their ideas out of the box. We are facing long odds every day but we are lucky to be able to try. When I was around one year old my Father ran over me with his 1949 Ford Coup. I had tire tracks across my chest, so they say. That was the first time I escaped the box but not the last. Get out of your box! There will be plenty of time for such as that when we are dead and gone.A lot of people on the left side of things think we need a transformative movement to change our direction, like the civil rights movement or the labor movement or the women’s movement or the anti-war movement. Although those efforts had some temporary success and made some gains ultimately they all failed and the proof of that failure is in the facts of our present day situation, if they had succeeded we would not still be in this catastrophic mess. The reason we cannot see it is we are looking the other way instead of the new way. Satirical exaggeration is just one way to dramatically point out an underlying truth. I'm allegedly writing this book to explain some of my ideas so it was at first titled The End of the Usury Economy but I changed the title to The HOW - Hallucination Of Words. It comes from the time in High School in the early 70's when I took LSD and went to Typing Class. It becomes very difficult to type when the words are moving around back and forth across the page, by the time you type the word it’s over there now. That's HOW the economic world works today, if you’re trying to get there by the time you’re ready to go, it's already gone. So I have decided to invent and found the APE- Alternative Planetary Economy. Presently I'm an APE of 1, so I'm trying to find others to join APE because to have a vibrant successful economy you need at least two people and possibly 6,928,198,253 others soon or I might leave out 198,253 of the richest people on the planet to fend for themselves. The best thing about inventing your own new economy is you can make up all the rules. That is very important because at least 6,928,000,000 of us are not satisfied with the rules of PPE - Present Planetary Economy. The APE will be set up to attract everyone but the very rich. We don't want the very rich because APE will be much more about cooperation and sharing instead of competition and greed. The APE will also be based on another idea I have the 10 cent 50 cent rule. That is not that everything will cost 10 to 50 cents but cent as in century or 100 so 10 cents is 1 thousand and 50 cents is 5 thousand. That's drug talk to throw off the DEA who might be listening in on a deal. Anyway the 10 cent 50 cent rule means 1,000 people take care of all of the need of 5,000 people and everyone who is capable works for 7 months a year and is off for 5 months a year. Everyone will also live a lot better. The average standard of living will be substantially higher and everything will cost much less. Inflation and interest will be legal. Everyone will be cared for just for being born but with free male birth control the population will decrease dramatically. As men have no deep instinctive desire to have children only sex. We will achieve the Utopian Dream we have dreamed of since we began dreaming eons ago. We will finally accomplish this dream by employing the Personal Robotic Revolution. When corporations use robots we lose our jobs when we use robots we lose corporations, that's much better. Within the APE almost the whole economic system will be a local closed loop. Raw materials will travel by train, barge or ship between larger cooperative type partnerships. All business will be employee owned and operated. Auto transportation will be H-Fuel Cell and DC Electric for the Interstate, modeled after the trolley car systems at the start of the last century. Those systems worked very well until the corporate capitalists oligarchs bought them up and shut them down so they could sell more cars and gasoline and destroy the economy and environment and enrich themselves and their minion's at the expense of everyone else which is the goal of corporate capitalism, create mass pauperism. With Personal Robotics nearly all goods and services will be produced and consumed within the neighborhood or small town. There will be the producer and the consumer and they will be next door or very near. They will also be lose partners. With robotic systems one partner A produces product X and sells it cheaply to partner B who produces product Y and sells it cheaply to partner A. As they are neighbors they will not commute to work and there is no product shipping costs, in a near real time transaction there is no ware-house. There is no middle man, or salesman, or banker, or insurance man and no advertising. By making the leaches extinct the product cost will be very low and the profit larger. The containers for products

will be re-usable and sturdy and not plastic. For the most part the APE will do away with disposable and return to a built to last. The APE will regress back to a true and real free market model economy instead of a robber baron corporate capitalist economy. In the Free Market the customer is king in a corporate capitalist economy the corporation is Pharaoh. Once the APE goes viral and most everyone has their basic needs cared for, a job or not, food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, retirement, time off to live and enjoy life and travel. There will be no need for war or the military. To end the drug war and treat addiction as a health problem instead of a criminal problem will greatly reduce crime and the police that are left can be held to the highest strictest standard to fight the little crime that will be left. The criminal justice and prison system will be decimated ROF reduction of force. Fewer police, fewer judges, fewer lawyers, fewer guards or wardens. The original Vietnam domino effect did not occur but this domino effect may well hopefully happen. As one problem is solved the next problem collapses and so on because we don't in reality have so many numerous problems as it seems. We only truthfully have one problem which is HOW we live and that translates into HOW we love. When the way we live reinforces the way we love, then the way we hate and fear we feel will become just a horrible memory of the past. If we try our best we may possibly fail, if we don't try we will certainly fail. If we cannot dismantle this economic house of war in which we live and build in its place a house of peace, this house of war where we now dwell will surly burn down around us all. This is a story of an imaginary dream world in the future like the world of today is an imaginary dream world of the past. We accept the present but we envision and dream and create the future as best we can. So Dream Big!

Too Simple to Understand: Way back in the past was not so long agoWhen it’s always bound to last it’s always going to growSeems it just gets bigger and bigger and we’re so smallEverything together we’re just a little part of it allAnd music is music deep down we all sound just the sameMisery or joy or pleasure or painThere is no way for us to know what tomorrow’s going to bringJust another song comes along for us to singWhen everything seems so confused And everybody’s looking for someone new to useTell me who can tell me what we have to do To live like we should and make this old world anew Cause everything is just too simple for us to understandTo love one another is just too simple a commandBut it isn’t ever easy like it seemsWhen a simple plan is always the hardest dream hjr2, 94 Mother"Necessity is the Mother of invention" Plato. The necessity today is to invent a completely new way to live from the ground up. All of the changes that we desperately need to make are here or near here already. What we need is a way to put all of the parts and pieces together in a new holistic, synergistic model, a new algorithmic paradigm. Rule: there needs to be some psycho-babble in the first paragraph. The way, to that way, the way to the Tao some of us believe is invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen, if we are to save ourselves from this downward spiral that we find ourselves descending into we better improvise some wings, quickly, the same way we always have throughout our human history of 85,000 years or so. My own little personnel effort, in our efforts, to bring on change, is my collection of inventive designs and ideas. The first in that line is "The Robotic Construction Model" which is a new way to build a new type of building. Buckminster Fuller said "You never change things by fighting the existing reality head on. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete". So it really is the economy, and the economy is the way we all live and how we feel about the way we live. Because most all of us are living beyond our means on borrowed time and money and all of us who want to know it, do know it, we are now spiraling into economic depression. To create a whole new way to live, a whole new economy is not so overwhelming difficult a job as it seems to be. The economy we now have is imploding, like some giant rotten tree falling in the forest. I think this is a tree we are all going to hear even if we are not in the woods. When it fails and falls it will leave a little space for some light to shine down on a new idea that could grow up in its place. The best ideas are simple, that's what helps make them great ideas. Good ideas also come in steps where the first step leads to the next step in the progression. First we redesign the family home, then a farm, a ranch, then a small rural town or a village economy, that becomes the new model, then you redesign an urban neighborhood economy, after that its model replication. One single virus was able to mutate and through replication cause the Black Death, and help bring on the Dark Ages that altered our human history. Then one person can come up with the breakthrough idea of antibiotics, Dr. Fleming, and inspire a small group of people to re-alter our history again. Change is imminent like a train barreling down the tracks, you either find a way to climb aboard or get off the tracks otherwise change will run you down! There are millions and millions of people who work together and against each other to build our world but there are only a very few who invented it. If you want to change things for the better and not just for the betterment of yourself, you have to care about people but at the same time you can't really care what people think. If you care too much about what people think then you will have a very hard time doing what you need to do to bring on that change because initially very few people will like or agree with you and fewer will help. Most of us have a deep innate fear of change and are only willing to change when it's too late. So if you try to take the lead and are out front saying come on lets go and you look behind you will likely find yourself all alone. “The General without an army”, usually it's only when they bury you that they decide maybe we should dig up some of those ideas. The only way to kill a true ides is kill the person who has the idea before they can tell the idea. If the idea gets out of the box it’s just a matter of time and some luck. "It's up to us to set us free". Robotic Construction Model: I have been an inventor since I was three years old when I was in the kitchen listening to a little transistor radio, the high tech of the late 50’s. The disc jockey said Sputnik is flying over Beaumont and I didn’t know what Sputnik was but I had heard something said about it and I knew it was important so I rushed outside and looked up and there it went across the sky. Sometime later I got an old curtain my Mother was going to throw away and I cut and sewed it together into a space suit and then I took my play army helmet and covered it with tin foil and made a space helmet and I built my first invention my space suit. It’s a long way from imagination to reality but I was on my way and I never stopped. I’ve had a hundred different jobs and the hands on experience I got from those jobs all added up each one was a step down the road. I didn’t go to college; I went to work in the oil fields and by the time my friends were graduating from college I was designing a compound robot to drill for oil in1977. In 1982 I went to work as an Ironworker building refineries and buildings and such and in 1997 I designed a set of robots to construct buildings. So the inventive designs I work on come from that space suit imagination and my hands on in the field experience. I’m left-handed, dyslexic, self diagnosed Asperger Syndrome and maybe Neotnous. So I and quite a few other inventors or artists or poets just see things backwards and I always have. That can be a handicap most time but it can also be an advantage. The world is designed for right handed people it goes from left to right in everything, so when you are trying to solve a problem you go a,b,c,d. The most obvious solution first then the next and so on but if you see things backwards you go d,c,b,a and you look like a dumb ass most of the time unless the problem is complex and non-ordinary then you look like some kind of genius who may not know your left hand from your right hand but you understand sub-atomic particle physics. I didn’t hardly know how to read until I got to High School and I didn’t know my left from my right. I was in the top ten percent in Science but the bottom third in English. I still misspell four letter words, spell-check wants to know what language I trying to write in. The world may be designed for right handed people but it is invented by left handed people. The Robotic Construction Model is a new way to build a new kind of building or dwelling using a series of Construction Robots that I have invented. (No prototype is yet built) This building if and when it’s constructed would be structurally and economically superior in many ways to today’s constructions. It would not Blow down, Burn down, Shake down, or Wash away with very little exception. These Buildings or Dwellings could be constructed so cheaply that we could add several energy systems to produce an energy self sufficient structure still less expensive than today's construction methods. To cover the entire RC Model would take 15 more patents added to the one US Patent I have, the “Multi-Function Construction Aid “# 6640928. That would be a complete redesign of the construction process, the slab, the columns and beams, the roof system and the walls. Redesigning the construction members will allow the Construction Robots to erect the building, so that the building helps build itself. There will also be several damping technologies built into the structure to allow it to absorb the shock and stress from earthquakes or large storms without damage or unexpected damage. After a very large force is applied to the building it is designed to be repaired and put back plumb and square quickly and with minimum effort. If we could construct beautiful, energy self-sufficient buildings structurally stronger that were still less expensive than today’s conventional constructions this would bring back our jobs. If we could build these types of buildings, people would want them, a great value, so then we could sell everything that comes with the building or dwelling, just what Frank Lloyd Wright did. That means that the entire production chain could be manufacture locally or regionally. The RC Model could have a large effect on how we live. The Robotic Construction Model might make every building on the planet obsolete. That might eventually mean, the value of all of the real estate held by all the Banks will fall and so they will fall also like rotten trees in the forest. They will relearn the Chicxulub rule: no one is too big to fail, and all those other cohorts in the media who shine their light on all the problems over and over, while the possible solutions lay there in darkness, they may find the spotlight shinning on themselves as well. They are not trying to expose the truth, those of us who wish to know already know the truth. What they are trying to do is discourage us and ignore the solutions. If it bleeds, it leads, has a few goals, to promote helplessness and fear and to convince us nothing will be done, so why try. The fact is that kind of psycho babble is their best weapon. As long as there are soldiers who will take orders to shoot and people who will bow down, then they believe that they are safe, it’s the Gaddafi Syndrome, they will never learn. Even if you think it’s all too much, that there is nothing you could do to change things, you are very likely correct in that assumption, but just because you think there is nothing you can do, does not mean you should do nothing. It means you should do something, anything and when enough people try enough things, sooner or later something might work, and even if it doesn’t work, it’s better to stand up and try. So get up off the couch and change the world not the channel. When you’re doing something you love to do, or something you have to do and need to do, you are already a success, even when you fail and when you’re trying to do something that is very difficult you just accept that you will likely fail. I’m not afraid to fail, I’m only afraid not to try. The most talented people some with genius do everything right and are persistent to the end and yet still fail many times over. So when someone finally does succeed it’s always on the backs of countless failures, so fail up. I may be a little too familiar with failure but the real lessons in life are lessons of failure and finally being somewhat successful in the final failure, the failure to take that next last breath. How well we fail is who we are. So when you hear some dumb ass say “failure is not an option” they are absolutely correct, with that blind arrogant attitude failure is not an option it’s a certainty. First US Patent: “The Multi-Function Construction Aid” # 6640928The MF Construction Aid is my first patent it will be a piece or several pieces of construction equipment that will replace all of the other equipment on a mid to large size construction site. The MFC Aid will fit together in several different ways to do each and every job at the right time on the site. It will be configured as a free standing safety ladder, or a man-lift, a rail crane, a gantry crane, a tower crane, a self-erecting scaffold system, a material elevator or a two way personal elevator as well as several other functions. Working in the Rail Crane Mode we will be able to erect structural steel much faster and much safer and with half of the ironworkers it takes on a conventional job site. In simple terms: We reduce our moves, we shorten our moves, and we make much smarter and safer moves, with fewer workers. With five MFC Aid units and five workers we would be able to erect the steel structure and also right after that we could erect and weld the bar joists also off load the steel from the delivery truck. That’s five guys to put up the entire building. These men would actually not be working as hard as a regular construction crew works and they would be working in a much safer environment. The steel coming from the fabricator would have to be loaded on to the trucks in just the right way and in the right order. This would help eliminate the entire lay-down yard operation, where the steel comes in and is off loaded by crane, spread out and marked then later erected. That takes a crane operator, two ironworkers on the truck and two ironworkers on the ground and a foreman wondering around getting in the way. With the MFC Aids there is no lay-down yard at all. The truck comes in and is off loaded in one lift by the lift robot and then the steel is spread out near the erection area by one worker. The Rail Crane comes over and loads half the steel on one side and then the other half on the other side, then proceeds to the corner of the site. Two workers in the air on the unit and one on the ground are able to lift and connect three pieces of steel, two columns and a beam at one time. The Rail Crane then moves half a turn and erects two pieces of steel from the other side of the unit, a column and a beam. This way the erection process is accomplished from inside the bay that is being put up. At this time the steel is plumbed squared and impacted a step done later in the conventional erection process. This reduces the distance and number of lifts and increases the speed of erection that is done with just three workers. I realize you probably have no idea what I am trying to explain so take my word. Their crew has a crane Operator and five Ironworkers just to erect the structural steel alone. Our crew would have no crane operator three ironworkers to erect the steel and two more ironworkers erecting the bar joists just after the steel is put up. There are several other differences in the operations between the way it’s done now and the better way we could do it, but the bottom line is we could work faster, much safer, with half the men and get a third more production. There is no question about this procedure or how it would work as it is not that difficult to see by someone experienced in the field. In the many years that I have been working on this project and the many times I have been ignored or rejected out of hand, no one has ever said this will not work because of xyz or abc. They really have nothing to say, absolutely no response, sometimes I get “interesting” and that’s it. Their eyes kinda glaze over and drool drips from their mouth, oh they’re Conservatives. The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller- A New Way To Drill The government and the corporate capitalists are firmly behind Nuclear Power. The government backs this expansion with tax dollars and laws that relieve the corporations

of the any responsibility when the next reactor melts down. In a free market capitalist system there would be no Nuclear Power because no one would invest in such a disaster, unless profit was guaranteed and risk was taken up by “We the People”. The corporate capitalist system is a beautiful thing; of course “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Very few people are for nuclear power and the more you know about it the more are against it. “A nuclear reaction is not the best way to boil water” and that’s what we are doing making steam to make electricity. We mine the uranium ship it to the processing plant make plutonium or such which is very difficult to do, ship it to the Nuclear Plant make electricity and when the spent fuel rods are depleted they are stored on site at least so far. They will be hazardous and toxic and must be kept out of the environment for many millions of years. The half life of plutonium 224 is just over 80 million years so, in 80 million years it will be half gone and it is poisonous down to a millionth of a gram. Military and industrial nuclear accidents happen with great regularity worldwide. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima and many more such as Nuclear Submarines sinking or nuclear bombs that have been lost in plane crashes. The power plants are getting older and are given extensions on their permits to operate longer. Everything is safe and ok the government and the industry promise. The only thing is they are bald faced liars, always have been and always will be. When Brown and Root was building the Nuclear Plant just south of Houston, the job was nearly complete when inspectors discovered instead of x-raying every single weld as required by the NRC they simple turned in the same x-ray over and over. The plant had to be razed to the ground and re-built this time with Union Labor and Brown and Root went on to bigger contracts like the no-bid work in Iraq under Dick Head Cheney and Halliburton. Nuclear power is totally discredited and is a disaster that will happen in economic, environmental and genetic damage to us all. Iran or any future enemy doesn’t have to build an Atomic Bomb all they have to do is bomb our nuclear plants that are outside of most every major city in the country, if we are so worried about national security why is it these genius officials don’t worry about creating more targets. So what do we do we build some more nuclear plants, “there’s your problem”. Who will build these new nuclear plants the Fukushima people, who else? The same people who put all of the emergency and safety equipment in the basement to be flooded by the tsunami. The same people who literally blew up their own containment buildings due to the robotic activity inside a small atomic bomb like environment. Fukushima was a small atomic bomb and it’s not over there, its radiation release has circled the globe. Three Mile Island is not over, the event is still occurring inside the containment building and the radioactive releases and health effects have been more and worse than has been reported and claimed by the industry and the government. What a surprise! Human beings are flawed and what we build is flawed. The pure oxygen environment that caused the fire that killed our astronauts of Apollo 1 an 8th grade science student knows better than that. The Shuttle Challenger was launched into fridge high winds when it was known the alloys and o-rings won’t expand correctly in such conditions, why launch, maybe “President Regan wanted to talk with the teacher on board during the state of the union speech that night?” The Space Shuttle Endeavor? They didn’t think an object that was traveling hundreds of mile an hour would not damage the leading heat shield edge of the wing causing a re-entry disaster, did it never occurred to them? Much of the work of The Army Corps of Engineers on levees canals and other work across the country from New Orleans to Florida to California are disasters waiting to happen or have already happened. If they were honest, which they aren’t, they could promise us with certainty a nuclear disaster of unknown dimensions will occur in an unknown amount of time in the near future and those consequences will be very long lasting very severe and disastrous. Just ask them, they will say it’s safe and will never happen, “Fade away Titanic fade away”.

DOE Letter: The important word in the phrase “No Response” is not response.My inventive design “The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller” will cut the economic and environmental cost of drilling to the point that Geo-thermal energy will be viable. Why use nuclear power or coal to boil water when you can use the earth’s core to do the same thing without the destruction and poisoning of life, why because the corporate capitalist say it is so. About a hundred years ago Nicola Tesla said “All that is necessary to open up unlimited resources of power throughout the world is to find some economic and speedy way of sinking deep shafts”, to reach geo-thermal energy, or something like that, but who would listen to a crazy man? If you had to name one person who invented the modern world, it was Tesla without a doubt. Why so few people even know of Tesla is suppression. Alternative solutions are everywhere; they are just ignored or repressed. “The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller”, my invention, would be a Compound Drilling Robot designed specifically to drill under pressure by “Control Blowout Drilling” aka “Under Balanced Drilling” but could drill conventionally or on directional wells also. CB Drilling uses a light viscous fluid (say salt water gel) that reduces the Hydrostatic Head down-hole, encouraging the well to come in. The HJ Robot drilling equipment is designed to safely handle that pressure at the well head. CB Drilling is a kinder gentler way to drill that babies the formation and everything is designed for pressure at the well head, that’s the time when drilling hands are running away for their lives. Conventional Rotary Drilling rapes the formation with heavy drill mud that contaminates the well, so that only the strongest formation can withstand the contamination to overcome and produce. In the CB Drilling process the well will produce less volume but more oil and gas over time with less expense and environmental threat. In CB Drilling every joint or two or three of drill pipe would need an automatic ball valve installed and a system of perforation valves in the drill string and the casing at different elevations that could be opened and closed to allow the flow of the well to be managed from deeper formations and vented into more shallow formations. This would help nullify kicks and underground blowouts at times of emergency. The drill pipe and production pipe would need to be Hydrill Threads and great care would be taken in the pipe handling system to clean and not damage the pipe threads. The HJ Robot Drilling process would be accomplished by redesigning the drilling equipment and allowing robotic devices to do every job done now by the drill crew, such as changing Rams or Ram Packing, changing the Stripping Rubber, Slip Dies, etc. By designing robotic arms to move the pipe into place for automatic tongs to tighten or loosen, we could take the men out of the process and put fewer of them at a safe distance. A system of sensors, cameras, and computers would control the Traveling Block, the Slips, the Snubbers, the Pipe Handling System and the Pipe Rams in the Blowout Preventer Stack in Snubbing Operations. The position of the drilling equipment and robotic devices would need to be precise so that everything would fit and work in a much more compact space. The HJ Robot Driller would be much easier to move and rig up or down. The trip time in and out of the hole would likely be a little slower than a Triple Stand Rig as we would likely be using a Double Stand System. The HJ Robotic Driller would be very compact so compact that it would fit within a submersible for Complete Submersible Robotic Drilling, that design would be able to drill on the ocean floor maybe a mile down. The overall Snubbing capability and other operational changes would make the drilling environment much safer and the control of the well more precise. This would virtually eliminate the risk of an Uncontrolled Blowout. The cost reductions would be in transportation, rig up and down time, one unit to do drilling and production work under pressure, smaller volume but greater production of oil and natural gas over the life span of the well, fewer dry holes and fewer workers in a much safer work place, less insurance, and very little or no environmental damage from drilling. In Submersible Drilling the whole equipment cost, surface Ship and Submersible Driller would be one third or less than the cost of a modern Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig. To achieve deep water drilling the interior volume of the submersible would need to be pressurized with nitrogen to help offset the external water pressure. A small crew may be attached in an escape submersible pod to make some occasional submerged repairs, somewhat like a spacewalk but within the Submersible Driller. The reason for deep ocean drilling is like a bathtub analogy, is it better to suck the water out through a straw from above, or to go down to the bottom and open the drain. For that reason the BP well is now gushing thousands of barrels a day despite the crushing pressure at that depth. We cannot stop drilling without dire economic outcome. We cannot continue drilling as we do now with dire economic outcome. The overall reduction in the economic and environmental cost of drilling with “The HJ Robot Driller” would also make Geothermal Wells cost effective, letting us tap the vast Geothermal Fields in a true Green Energy Revolution. The Massey Coal Mine disaster earlier this year and the BP Blowout in the Gulf, means that we are now perhaps over dew for a Nuclear Power emergency next, that could add to this nightmare. These vulnerable obsolete energy systems threaten our National Security. DOE’s mandate is to help find and promote safe renewable forms of energy to replace the obsolete dangerous and environmentally destructive forms of energy we now rely on, despite the powerful vested interests that hold sway at this time. Those are the interests that work diligently to subvert progress for their own personal and short sighted gains, while risking lives and the environmental future of the Country and the Planet. Our addiction to the energy systems of today must and will be broken. The only way to change is through Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurial Acumen. Weather Peak Oil or Global Warming or war in the Middle East the price of oil will only rise and the economic effect of that rise will only enrich the few at the cost of the rest of us. The fact that we as a whole resist, ignore, reject and subvert change is the reason we are now in such a precarious desperate circumstance. If we do not change our ability to embrace, foster, foment and manage change, change will happen to us without us and despite us. The wave of change will break over us and wash us away like sand on the oily beach. BP- Beach Petroleum, you at DOE are by law charged with the mission of managing our Country’s Energy future so therefore our Country’s future itself. You are not changed with managing the future of Massey Coal or Burlington Rail, BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, the Nuclear Power Industry or Steam Power. I have worked on this project since 1977. I have been to Washington several times over the years trying to promote my inventive work. I have been to Senator Clinton’s office, Congressman Charlie Wilson’s office, Congressman Jack Brooks’ office, Congressman Henry Gonzales office; I have written letters and emailed hundreds of attempts to get some hearing without success. In 1991 living in California I wrote to George Shultz who responded and suggested I speak with the Chevron Drilling Technology Center in Houston. I moved back to Texas and did so. They suggested I show them my work and they would evaluate it. I declined to give up enabling information without a Confidential Secrecy Agreement. I have been waiting for over thirty years for you or someone to realize what you must know; the only constant is change, one way or another. To ignore this universal fact is disaster or extinction. The inner workings of “The HJ Robot Driller” and the “Robotic Construction Model” are my intellectual property, confidential, proprietary, and privileged. Up-date: The Deepwater Horizon – BP disaster could have had a very different outcome if but for one simple error, the water tight steel hatchway doors on the drill floor that lead down into the pump room where large explosions occurred were left open. If the hatchways were shut tight the natural gas from the blowout could not have easily flowed into the rig interior and the fire would have been contained near the well-head which would have been much easier to extinguish and also fatally the water sprayed from the fire firefighting boats over the next several days would not have been able to drained down into the vessel, it was the water flowing through those same hatchway doors that was the important cause leading to the vessel’s eventual sinking. My father always said “close the door”. NASA Letter I have been working towards my "Robotic Construction Model" since 1997. My inventive design work comes from hands on in the field experience and my own creative talent. I was a Structural Irnoworker for 17 years. The oldest large project I design is "The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller" 1977 for Control Blowout Drilling (Under Balanced Drilling) of Oil, Natural Gas and especially Geo-Thermal Wells, which is compound drilling robot. This work as well comes from working in the Oilfields from the mid 70's to the early 80's. I worked on Drilling Rigs, Work-over Rigs but mostly as a Hydraulic Snubbing Operator which is a specialized area of oil field production. It was extremely dangerous work and you had to be quite crazy just to be hired. We worked on wells with pressure at the well head, Under Pressure. In 5 years of doing such work I was able to see 25 years of disasters, that is how long it would take a normal driller to observe and survive such critical situations. I have an old company magazine Baker Well Service and in it is a chart, we had 125 field hands and in one quarter we had 33 lost time accidents. If you worked one year, you had a 100% chance of being in a LT Accident. These were mostly very serious accidents. By seeing most everything that can go wrong I was in a position to erase it and start over. The first high pressure well drilled was The Lucas Gusher south of Beaumont in 1904 if you look at the Rotary Drilling Rig that drilled that well it is not much different than the rigs we use today. The new technologies are tacked on to the old technology, dancing shoes on a dinosaurs. It's the oilfield mentality and calling it mentality is giving them the benefit of the doubt. Look at the Wright Flyer and the Space Shuttle. I'm telling this story to show I know what I'm talking about, NASA has research submarines and you are the idea guys of the government. James Cameron has just come up from the Marinas Trench and a fleet of submersibles were working at the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller will cut the economic and environmental cost of drilling ($2.50 gas) It will also make Geo-Thermal Wells viable (no more coal, no more nuclear). It will also be much smaller and more compact than todays drilling rigs allowing "Fully Submersible Drilling" drilling within a submarine on the ocean floor about a mile down. This would be tricky but not as difficult and launching the Space Shuttle or putting a nuclear reactor in a submarine. I worked at The Elk Hills Strategic Naval Reserve outside Bakersfield CA doing experimental production work under pressure in 1978 and luckily missed a blow-out and fire that killed my crew and melted our rig down to scrap metal. Red Adair came out and put out the fire for a million dollars a day (1970 dollars). I have been going all over for decades trying to advance these ideas in Houston at the Chevron Drilling Technology Center who said they would gladly evaluate my work but didn't want to sign a secrecy agreement and, I've been to Washington DC several times etc.. This email is my effort for today. I think that if we really wanted to solve a problem such as our energy addiction and oil wars we would need to look at possible viable solutions which is something we do not do but just because I have very little expectation of success does not mean I will not try. I may make big claims just like "We will sent a man to the Moon and return before the end of the Decade and do the other things as well". This is one of the other things. The world in 50 years will be unrecognizable from today one way or the other. There is no good reason why we can't change the the world we have into the world we wish, except

"a complete failure of imagination". It would not be so difficult to make things better than what we have now, that bar is pretty low. Lastly, I have no contact with the BP Deepwater Horizon Blowout. I have not been in the oilfields since1983. However there were several reasons for the disaster, greed, human error, mechanical failure but the main reason the event should not have been so disastrous is so simple, the steel hatchway doors that lead from the drill-floor down into the pump-room where the interior gas explosions took place were left open. If the doors had been closed the natural gas could not have flowed down into the rig interior and the fire would have been confined to the drill floor which would have been much easier to extinguish, also the water sprayed on the fire from the fire boats over the next several days would not have flowed down into the rig through the same hatch way doors causing the rig to sink. My Dad always said shut the door.

All I am asking is a fair harsh critical review of my work. It shouldn’t take much effort to deduce if I am delusional, like "someday we will send a man to the moon." Click You: People say one person can’t change the world, that we need the actions of many people to do that, likely that is often the case that is almost true but almost true is still a lie. The idea itself, that is the change, will come from one person who is first to conceive it. One ancestor a few million years ago imagined how we people could create fire instead of waiting for lightning to start a wild fire or carrying around burning embers like some God in the Ark. He or she was probably sitting around a fire in South Africa staring into the flames and some neurons were jumping across some snaps in their ancient brain and a flame went off in their brain or maybe it was some form of ancient light bulb but they got up and went over and tried to tell the medicine man or shaman or the chief in some form of communication about this great idea of starting fire. If the shaman understood he may have realized he was the protector of the fire and so he was out of a job. So he likely had them executed. This went on for a long time over and over as it still goes on today, we never learn, almost. So one day the shaman was thinking about this fire idea and decided to steal it. His name probably rhymed with Prometheus somehow. The fire stealer understood you need fuel, heat, and air and he shows some other people but lucky for him they all happen to be wise folks and instead of bashing his head in they showed other folks but soon enough you have two camps of people, the fire people and the Fire Ark people and they fight it out for centuries till the fire people start a fire and burn up the Ark people so we have fire. How does a new idea over turn the existing order and creates a new model of how to live? First, things have to be going badly so people are praying for God to help them. The existing model is imploding, sounds familiar. Some form of barbarian’s have to be at the gate so they fear the brutality of the external threat more than the brutality of the internal order. Then they have to be lucky enough to come up with the successful alternative before the barbarian’s crash through the gate and burn the place down. The thing with an idea is once it’s out there it doesn’t often go away. Fire gives warmth and light and protection and also burns down the village. So here we are today barbarians at the gate, where is the fire saving idea, who has it, who is smart enough to understand it when they see it. When the barbarians are at the gate we build a stronger gate. A person’s home is his or her castle. Wow that’s the idea? Today our homes-castles are not built strong enough and cost too much to keep up and pay for. We could build them stronger but that would take a lot more money. So our homes need power form the electric company, we need water from the water department, we need insurance from the insurance company, we need food from the grocery store, we need the police to protect us when someone tries to break in and we need bankers to loan us the money to buy this brick shit house. The Robotic Construction Model doesn’t need any of those party crashers. It will supply its own power, produce and re-filter its own water, it will not burn down, shake down, blow down or wash away with very little exception, it will grow much of its own food for the most part and produce most of what we need in the local vicinity, it truly is a castle, and it does all of this and still cost less than today’s construction model and the bankers, we will just hang those bastards. (This statement is just in jest and should not be considered a terroristic threat), (maybe). “We change the way we live by changing the way we build”. People are most comfortable with what they know or what they are familiar with so we congregate around those like ourselves which is natural racism and whatever is different or to us strange we often shun. We are more comfortable with the known past than the unknown future. At some time though we have all been the different one the outcast and the persecuted, most of us do what we have to do to remain in the group and few follow the different drum out on their own. Why would we do such a thing, if you are the outcast, the untouchable it is a more difficult world. What you need today is more difficult to attain outside the group or the pack. Life in the pack is consumed by the day. Life beyond the pack looks to tomorrow. Solitude is the necessary ingredient that lets the new idea arise like a child alone. “Deep down we all sound just the same” We are all dreamers and inventors at heart that is the one thing, with some luck being number two that has brought us here, to this place in time. The most common dream among us is probably ” I will win the lottery”, millions of us engage in that “Tax on Fools” every day and that is exactly what it is, except for that one winner. The second dream is likely “this invention will make me a millionaire”, somebody is paying all those invention helper companies we see advertised everywhere on TV but very few millionaires pay someone else to make them a millionaire. You only know for sure something has great value when somebody tries to steal it. Deep down we all know we have to change things to stay above the crest of natures wave that we have been riding. With our inventive minds that nature has provided and some more luck we could just be starting our run, or by ignoring that nature and a little bad luck it’s possible we might not make the day. The chance that we will win the lottery is about the same as the chance we will perish in a plane crash, or more likely a car crash. It’s also the chance that one sperm has to make it to the egg; it’s the chance that you would be born you. We cannot let long odds dissuade us from making the journey, or taking that chance, or we will much sooner than later join all those other species left behind in extinction, some fossil for someone from some distant future to find “turned to stone”. It is already well beyond the time to focus intently on possible solutions, to investigate and propagate some likely answers to our problems, instead of just exposing more and more problems to add to the problems we already have. I don’t get up in the morning and say I hope the corporate media will show me a few more problems today, maybe some hostage situation, a car chase, home fire or invasion, a car crash and big shoot out to end and next the weather with Greg! I’ll turn on the TV and watch the Morning with Problems Show. I don’t watch TV anymore, I bought a fish tank; it’s more interesting and way more educational. We have become with some help, problem people, instead of solution people. I believe that is where we as a whole are failing and if we continue our implosion that will be the final cause, "A complete failure of imagination". That is the real problem that we now face. We are beyond investigating the problems, protesting, ranting and raving at Wall Street or the Government, they are rarely part of the solution and are more likely part of the problem. Are they going to help, or are they going to make things worse? It is only the possible answers and likely solutions that deserve our complete focus and most of our effort to solve how we change the way we live. One person wakes up with a dream, when two or three and more people adopt that dream it becomes a vision, when enough people see that vision it becomes reality, sometimes, but the one real problem that people with vision have is they have no creditability because they- we are so often or always wrong, and the people with creditability can't afford to be wrong so they can't afford too much vision. It takes a rare chance and a rare person or two who can bridge that gap. It takes someone to invent the story and then someone else to tell the story. There is no story if it’s never told. As one story is told, scientists were studying Macaque Monkeys on a Japanese island in the 1950's and for several years they had been feeding them sweet potato's that they pitched onto the beach from their boat. One day a little female goes to the water and washes the sand off the potato, within a few weeks some other young monkeys began washing theirs as well. Six years later a good sized group had learned to wash their potato's too, maybe 100 or so. The next day suddenly nearly every monkey began washing the potatoes. For a good idea to be successful a threshold of people or monkey’s have to adopt it, suddenly then it becomes ok. The solutions that we desperately need to create a better world and to solve the horrendous problems that we face are here or near here right now. We are just waiting for the 100th monkey. You Can’t Do That From Here! Have you ever heard of the Semmelweis Reflex? It's the automatic rejection of a good and true idea or fact by the powers that be, the authorities, just because it goes against the norm of what is accepted at the time or something like that. Dr. Semmelweis's great idea in the mid1800's was to wash your hands before surgery, this was before germ theory and for that crime against the medical establishment he ended up being ridiculed and harassed and finally dying in an insane asylum, maybe from being beaten. And an unknown number of patients also died from infection waiting for the ignorant, the authorities, to come around to the truth that was placed in front of them. So change is very difficult to bring on until it finally happens on its own, very often with devastating effects because then it is most impossible to stop or guide. I guess that’s why so many are so fearful of it. I have heard there are three parts to a good idea, 1)” It will never work” 2) “It may work but how much will it cost” and 3) “I knew it was a good idea all along”. Anyway political change very rarely comes before economic change, as politicians are always the last to wash their hands. Steve Jobs showed very well that invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen are the drivers of economic change and that is what changes the world. Such as Apple Corporation when they fired Steve and Apple Corporation when they rehired Steve Jobs. They didn't wash their hands. I read a story somewhere about when Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard went to the White House during WWll to explain the atomic bomb to President Roosevelt, they told him a story, about when Robert Fulton went to Napoleon to explain his idea of the Steam Powered War Ship. Napoleon asked "you want to build a fire in the bottom of a boat and sail across the ocean", Fulton said yes and Napoleon said no. The point being if Napoleon had said yes, then right here in SE Texas where I live, we would likely be speaking French right now. With the first steam powered warship Napoleon would have beaten the English and put down the slave rebellion in Haiti lead by Toussaint and then his army and navy would have proceeded to New Orleans to defend the Mississippi River, so there would have been no Louisiana Purchase by Jefferson. "The English took Fulton's idea built the first steam powered war ship, sailed up the river to Peking and with a few cannon shots took China without a fight". The smallest thing on rare occasion can make the greatest difference somewhere on down the road. In physics it's called the butterfly effect. Our government and the multinational corporations that own it remind me of some giant two headed caterpillar rapaciously devouring the environment that we all depend on to survive. We cannot change or reform the nature of the caterpillar, they are what they are and that is all that they shall ever be. What we need is a metamorphose change to bring on the other butterfly effect. Wash your hands and go to my little website, take an interest in my work and I'll explain a little about the possibilities of our next few steps, The Personal Robotic Revolution and the next generational design of my invention, ARC Model - Autonomous Robotic Construction. There is no story until someone invents the story and someone else tells the story. This is my vision, my story; you should make it yours too!Problems, Problems, Everywhere The greatest problem we have is a great secret that no one should know or figure out because if we knew then everything could and would be different and that great secret is we don’t really have any problems. Every imagined problem we face is just a created illusion dreamed up by the authorities to justify their power and existence. First they pretend and generate the myth that we have all these problems then they convince most all of us that we need them to solve all these problems we don’t really have that they invented from thin air and spent an inordinate amount of time and effort to create and sustain. Nearly all of the problems we have are man-made and the effort goes into making sure they are never solved or is one is solved two take it’s place. Most all of our health problems are caused by the unhealthy food we eat or the polluted environment or air or water. All the chemicals and carcinogens they pump into the environment and the bad habits we take up as children or adolescents when we are told it’s cool to smoke or drink or take drugs. We do have some real health problems or emotional problems but they are exacerbated and made worse by the problem machine that is running seven days a week around the clock year after year. If we are over whelmed by problems we are paralyzed into inaction and we think there is nothing we could do. It’s 90% BS and 10% real problems and we could solve most of the 10% problems in very little time. Why would they do it, create this mass misery for everyone. I think it’s sleight of hand, to occupy and worry the mind and thinking so we don’t have the time to resist or rebel, it’s a means of control. If we are all afraid or all worried about the latest boogie man then we are less likely to over throw the real demons that torment us. That is why it is so difficult to solve a problem even a simple one because the powerful squash solutions. Solutions are bad for authority and more problems are good for authority. That is why generation after generation things get worse for us and better for them. We could solve our problems if they would just let us but they won’t. "Almost every problem is just a solution in disguise." So by finding the people who believe they have a solution, finding out if they are correct, then helping them to be heard is the best way, to the best chance, to the best solution. With the Robotic Construction Model we could erect buildings that are structurally far superior than today’s buildings, our buildings could generate their own power, Renewable, make their own fuel, Hydrogen, make and filter their own water and treat their waste water, all off the grid. The way we live today has by-products, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Pollutions, Radioactive Waste, and Oil Wars. The RC Model will have by-products as well they will be Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water. The RC Model is not just a new way to build it will be a new way to live. The Robotic Construction Model is likely the best way to change how we live fast enough to make a difference. Some of the differences between how we build now and how we could build in the near future are that RC Model buildings would not have an electric bill, a gas bill, a water bill, very little or no wind or flood insurance and our buildings would still be less expensive than how we build today. A superior product with a lower price. The most important example I use as a model in my design principals is the “Pantheon” in Rome built by Hadrian in the first century AD. It is a free standing stone and concrete dome structure nearly two thousand years old. We have it today because when the barbarians (Visigoths) sacked Rome around 400AD or so they destroyed the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and most of Rome but when they entered the Pantheon they left it be. Being the so called barbarians they did put an end to the Gladiator blood sports that were the center of Roman life for centuries up to then, something that the Popes failed to do when the Christians took power, yep the first Popes had gladiators and they continued the so called games, until the so called barbarians showed up. The Pantheon is the most magnificent structural building in history. If it can stand two thousand years then the structures we build should stand for millennium as well. Very few of the structures built today will be around in a thousand years, until that is we start building with the RC Model then those structures will stand for a thousand years+ as well. The other revolutionary dwelling I take inspiration from is the Long Wood Estate an octagon antebellum mansion near Natchez MS. These people were the wealthy planters, builders (authorities) who so foolishly believed they could win the Civil War. The workmen that were building it when the Civil War started left their tools lying around because they thought they would be back in a few weeks. They never came back and the tools are still there and the Mansion is still unfinished. The exterior is done to perfection and the interior has two floors complete, that leaves the four upper floors unfinished. The beam work is exposed and shows their ultimate craftsmanship. Their skills and knowledge to build rivaled the Romans. That skill and knowledge was lost on some battlefield in the Civil War. The architect Tom Rose believed all homes would be built this way in the future, he was thinking his future, turns out it’s our future. The way to change the way we live is offer a great value which is something the corporate vendors of today have long since abandoned. If we could build the best strongest structures, make them beautiful, make them energy self-sufficient and make them cost less, people would want them, so then we sell everything with the building like Frank Lloyd Wright did and then we produce it all locally, so we bring back our jobs. Some climate scientists say we may have ten or twenty years to stop adding greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, to slow Dramatic Climate Change and hopefully then reverse the Global Warming path in the next century. If it’s not already too late, if that chance is one in two, or one in ten, or one in a hundred, something still must be done to quickly address this likely oncoming catastrophe. The RC Model is the way to start down the road to making those changes, first in a few steps and then in one leap. If it’s Peak Oil, Global Climate Change, Population Explosion, Environmental Degradation, Deforestation, Water and Air Pollution, or Nuclear Waste or Coal. We change the way we live by changing the way we build and solve our problems instead of wallowing and drowning in them. I don’t wonder why it is we can’t get this done, why we have solutions all around us being ignored. Don’t worry why those with the power and the wealth to help are working so hard to stop us from succeeding in changing our ways? That they are already so wealthy, what does it hurt them if the people at the bottom should try to improve our lives. Is it just blinding greed or are they just evil, are they afraid, or are they just ignorant? It really doesn’t matter what their reasons are, that’s them and we should try not to worry about what they do or what they think or say or what is in their minds, least we may contract the same horrible illness, that devastating sickness that plagues them. The only thing that is important is we are not them, thank goodness, so when they repeat so often how free we are in our economic chains remember freedom like most everything is relative, that they can no longer possess other human beings as their property, they still possess almost everything else. Every dog has his day and their day is dusk. You should investigate my work and seriously consider what I am trying to do, as most all of us are trying to do the same thing, make a better world for ourselves, our families, our children and the generations to come, a goal we seem to be dramatically failing at achieving. If I should get or create the chance, I am pretty sure I can prove I am right about what I say. We can do this; build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet and bring on the Personal Robotic Revolution and change the economic formula of the planet. There are many different solutions to help solve our economic and environmental problems, as we well know the great majority of them will cost us more. The RC Model is a way to put together the best ideas in one package and still make it cost less. "The Multi-Function Construction Aid" # 6640928 US Patent Robotic Construction Model. This is my vision; you should make it yours too. Who To Blame? “Never believe anything until it’s officially denied”. O. BismarkThe Government has a large number of multibillion dollar federal agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA and Military Intelligence of every sort, DARPA, all to sniff out and analyze information from thousands of operations and sources at one time. There is however no one who is looking for the next great idea that we desperately need or for that innovation that could have a major impact, on some important outcome, no for that future it’s just sheer blind luck and some lone alien dreamer that most everyone thinks is crazy, that’s how it happens, and that non-strategy has worked pretty well despite no plan and considering that most of the time you have the authorities, the idiots, ignoring, or even suppressing the solution because it might go against their personal interests or their masters interests, those are treasonous crimes against us all. They are always working to hold us down and hold us back for some deluded reason and then call us the crazies. Often times the history of these events are similar with a similar ending to some extent, Tesla, Szilard, Darwin, Galileo, Jesus. They all had something to say that was not welcome by someone in power in their time, those who then made their task all the more difficult for all the wrong reasons. Just think of all the dreamers, the visionaries and inventors who just didn’t make it, they had the Ideas we needed before their time; no one was there to listen or help. What did we lose and what are we losing now and what will we lose waiting on the authorities to figure out what is this that has been laid out before them? Sooner or later that small failure will cascade into the implosion of the entire economic system even as the solution is neigh. That implosion is well under way. To ignore or reject the very solutions that you desperately need to succeed is a train crash to disaster and that is the track we are rolling down. What makes a good idea is it’s simple, it stands on its own, it doesn’t need any help, and it doesn’t even need to be believed. There is much belief in things that are not true, and little in things that are, it does not make them so. The truth stands alone above cowering lies. If we should care to look, the great majority of human suffering on the planet today is not natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, tidal waves, etc. the majority of the human suffering at the moment is caused by other human beings, war, famine and poverty. That is a fact that we don’t often care to look at, or accept, we would rather just pass by, the poor, the sick, the mentally ill, and the homeless without a thought because our thoughts are centered on ourselves, or our families or those we know. We don’t like to think about the other. We don’t even see them as people who deserve to be considered. We don’t have time; there is little we could do anyway. If we should care to look when we drive through our own town or most any other town there is a church every few blocks or so, but for only a few hours a week, they are all empty, only God in their maybe wondering where he went wrong. Many of us may well profess our religious faith but for most of us that’s as far as it goes. When we leave the Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Temple we leave our soul in there, for protection. It’s seems it’s just too difficult, too painful, too overpowering a problem, day after day, week, year, life time. Maybe that is why so many people don’t even go to church, or practice a religion anymore. It just doesn’t work for us. When religious leaders talk about living in peace and loving one another but war after war is what we do. We talk about helping and we want to help the poor or the ill, and we may do what we can, and some few of us do great works but it’s never enough. The problems seen so big and we are so small. The three main Monotheistic Religions in the world all worship the same God, the God of Abraham and they have been killing one another for that God for thousands of years. It is said that god has turned his back on us before then he will surely do so again. It does not matter if something is true or false, if it is believed, people will live and die and kill for a comic book if they believe it’s true. Our modern wars have become so much more terrible and more deadly for more people whether innocent civilian or soldier. We don’t fight with spears and swords or shields any more now it’s the threat of nuclear war wholesale. If warfare has advanced to the point of the “mutual assured destruction” of the whole planet and everyone on it, I don’t think anyone will win that last war. There has never been a weapon invented that has not been used, if those who have atomic weapons find their back to the wall, they will use them or we will. “War is over, if you want it”. The reason we do all the things we do is because we are ignorant of the true facts and for many of us it doesn’t even matter what the facts are anyway. Every one of us to a lesser or greater extent or degree think we know the facts but truly we are all wrong and the facts we think we know are just appearances. Socrates allegedly said “I only know that I know nothing”, that would make him one of the smartest people in the last 24 centuries. If you know something and it’s true you win. If what you think you know is wrong you fail and if you win off of failure you are a thief. That’s why so many fail because failure is easy compared with success. We fail because we don’t have the vision to perceive a possible pass to the future we desire yet there are ideas around to take us there, some strong ideas, so come up with one on your own or just get on the idea train. If there really were no solutions, then why would so many work so hard to tell us so often there are no solutions. So it’s much better to be smarter than you think you are than to think you are smarter than you are. As a whole we are not very smart or we wouldn’t be in such poor shape, even the smartest among us are not smart enough to get the rest of us to go along with some solutions. When solutions are laying around and we are not smart enough to bend down and pick them up that is pretty bad. I mean the dinosaurs I would presume were not smart enough to know what was happening so there was nothing they could do but we or at least some of us are pretty sure what is going on to a point and we can’t seem to alter the course to change the likely outcome that is almost to the point of we get what we deserve, if we are intelligent enough to deduce the situation and fail to act there is no excuse or anything as sad as that case.It’s a miracle that we have made it this far. We have always been on the cusp of disaster and often times we have gone over the cliff but so far have always crawled back up and started over. My own life has been that way too but soon enough you have to get the feeling your luck has run out and if I don’t change things it won’t likely go on for much longer. When Jesus was crucified his early Christian followers were waiting for the second coming “any day now” and two thousand years later they are still waiting. Waiting for the end times and thinking it will surely be soon. If Jesus comes back tomorrow, I’ll be ready, I cleaned my garage today. Nothing can be imagined that could not be, sometime. So I believe that God could be and is somewhere.

Entrepreneurs don’t just create and grow new jobs and companies but perhaps sometimes they grow whole new industries. Everyone agrees that the great majority of new jobs now created are from small business and many of these are new companies just a few years old or less. The model for this kind of thinking is Silicon Valley just south of San Francisco where Hewlett Packard, Apple, Intel, and Cisco Systems were born as well as the Personal Computer and the Internet. It is the place where innovators and visionaries can go from a garage in many cases to the top of the Stock Market to become the New Blue Chip Companies in a decade. Google, Face Book, Amazon are names no one had even heard of about a decade or so ago. That is the place where the VC Industry sprang up from nowhere. No that's not the Viet Cong it’s Venture Capitalist. The people who put up their investment money on small companies with some risk, betting they might become the next big name everyone knows in five or ten years. The Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering) will soon be worth multi-billions of dollars maybe. This is a different way of thinking about business, what business is and how it operates to grow jobs and profits. There is a new organization called Start Up Texas and it is up and running in the Austin-Dallas area. The idea is to help new companies get off the ground. Dell Computers is one of the sponsors. Texas Instruments is a good example, they invented the first hand held calculator and early computer chips also came from there. The reason Austin is not Silicon Valley is the way we think about business, they had the right idea but they could not expand up to scale. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" so now there is a VC industry presence around Boston, Raleigh, and Austin to name a few. A generation ago Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn said "To get along you go along" I think that is a double edged sword but one way to look at it is if you don't keep up, guess what, you are left behind. If you don't innovate, if you don't invent, your in the steam age instead of the oil age or the industrial age instead of the information age or the information age instead of the whatever comes next age. At the turn of the last century there was a guy wandering around Beaumont Texas who many thought was a little crazy, he was just different, his name was Pattillo Higgins and as the story is told he would tell everyone who would listen and even those who would not that there was oil just south of town at a little hill called SpindleTop. Well as it goes there are a lot of crazy people saying a lot of crazy things wandering around the streets of everywhere but for some unknown reason a local man Captain Anthony Lucas decided to listen and drill at SpindleTop. Standard Oil founded by John Rockefeller had a virtual monopoly on the oil business at the time, the Robber Barron's and all. Rockefeller said "Why in the world would I want to drill in Beaumont Texas of all places" or something like that. He had numerous wells producing in Pennsylvania and Ohio and they were good wells, some produced 80 barrels a day. That is what an oil well was at that time. So Captain Lucas scraped together some VC money and started to drill on a shoe string and just as the money ran out the ground started rumbling and the drilling mud shot up out of the ground, something no one had ever seen before, then came the oil like a geyser, the first gusher blew out oil over a hundred fifty feet up into the air. The Lucas Gusher was the first time anyone had ever drilled into a high pressure zone. Instead of 80 Barrels a day SpindleTop produced 100,000+ barrels a day. There was so much oil that a levee had to be quickly built to collect it and several days later when the lake of oil somehow caught fire it was world wide news, not the blowout, but the fire because people still didn't realize what had happened. Soon after high pressure wells were drilled in Oklahoma and California etc. but there would never had been a Ford Motor Company or GM without the Lucas Gusher. There would not have been a Texaco or Gulf Oil, we would not have all the refineries and petro-chemical companies that have driven our economy for over a hundred years. There is no statue of Patillo Higgins, few even know his name and that is the way it always seems to be. Who knows Leo Szillard or NikolaTesla? Google them, a term no one would even know what it meant just a few years back. Because of the oil and refining they called our corner of Southeast Texas the Golden Triangle and things are still going along pretty well. We are just finishing up the largest construction projects in the nation and the XL Pipeline is on the way but there are Oil Executives in Houston looking out from their high rise corner offices right now and as far as they can see is their own reflection in the glass. Maybe it's global climate change or maybe it's peak oil or war in the middle east but the price of oil will only go up and sooner or later it will be too much and the next revolution will happen, hopefully it will be an economic revolution that occurs and where will we be? If we think of business the way we always have thought of business we will be out of luck and the Golden Triangle will not be so Golden. In Beaumont we have the skilled people and the talent and the experience not to be another Silicon Valley but to create the next Silicon Valley. What will it be? I think it will be the Personal Robotic Revolution and I have thought so for about thirty five years now and I have been all over saying that to anyone who might listen, which no one will. I don't know for sure if I'm right about my ideas but I do know we have already done this before over a century ago and I know if we don't try to do it someone will or else.

“Promote The General Welfare”
No government can be totally open and honest they are run by politicians and bureaucrats but for democracy to have a fighting chance there has to be a decent measure of transparency. How can we decide to vote on something when we don't even know what it is? There is no such thing as secret democracy. While testifying before Congress recently the head of the FBI was ask if he had the authority to kill an American citizen here in our own country without due process of law, he answered "I don't know". There are laws in the Patriot Act that are secret. That the very members of Congress who are responsible for their oversight cannot even talk about the very laws they are overseeing is frightening. The US Constitution used to gives us the Right to Petition the Government for grievances, the right to Assemble and the right of Free Speech. While the Congress and the Administration cannot seem to agree on anything that might help us or help the Country there is one thing that they can agree on almost unanimously, the recent law passed and signed that makes protesting near the White House or the Capital or near any top Government Official a felony. Go to jail, $10,000 fine. Well I'm going to have to protest that law but I'll just have to go out in the middle of the woods somewhere or maybe out in the desert someplace to do it, so if by chance you see me out there, I'll be the guy with the sign that says, "Free America" who's dressed in full body armor. Sometimes we succeed by just blind luck and sometimes we fail because it's just bad luck of the draw, but most all other times we fail because we deserve to fail. Because stupidity will always fail and the greatest form of stupidity is denying then ignoring the truth. We are a country in the mists of a pandemic of ignorance. We teach ignorance, we promote ignorance, we praise and believe ignorance because the ignorant can be led around with a stick and a carrot on a string. The ignorant in a blind mad stampede can be willingly led right over the cliff. The ignorant will gleefully crucify the God of truth. And those who lead and run this Country know that very well. Their justice is a lie and their freedom is in chains. Their souls are sour and rotten to the void emptiness of their core. They are nihilists, they don't even believe in themselves. They do not even know well who they themselves are, they are the best and the brightest and the strongest of fools who believe their own lies. Their vision is beneath the blind fold that they keep tied tightly over their own eyes. They live in a world of only this moment, a moment that they would sell the soul of the entire world to control. They are the very monsters they condemn. They are their own devils, masters of their own hell. Who but the most ignorant would follow them into their disaster? They will have the tongue of anyone who would call out who they are. So whisper their name softly but still tell the story because that truth is the only freedom we have. Over and over year after year the government propaganda machine paints everyone who does not believe in the propaganda they spit out a conspiracy nut. That is exactly what propaganda and disinformation is. How many times does a lone nut come out of the crowd and kill an important political figure over and over and not one time since Lincoln has it been dubbed a conspiracy and even in the Lincoln assignation the wrong conspirators were hung or shot. It’s come to the point of just what do you believe an obvious lie a myth or what is likely the truth. Many times if you ask just the right question you don’t need an answer to deduce what is likely true. Such as in the Kennedy Assignation the wrong question is the magic bullet that went through the Presidents upper back came out his throat went through Governor Connelly’s body several times shattered his wrist and was found basically undamaged on the stretcher at Parkland Hospital that is pretty amazing but it misses the point. It’s not the magic bullet but the disappearing bullet because the next shot, the head shot didn’t hit Connelly or the car or anything else. Why did the first shot do so much damage and the head shot disappear into thin air and nothing is ever said. That is a miraculous disappearing bullet. If you look at Bobby Kennedy, Martin King even John Lennon they don’t make sense. How many critical investigations can be bungled over and over, if you look back through history at Hughie P. Long who was likely to beat Roosevelt or George Patten who would likely beat Eisenhower? If you look at Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison they all died within weeks of each other, now every suspicious death is not a conspiracy but then again every suspicious death is never a conspiracy? If you look through history conspiracy is everywhere. When we got into Vietnam the Tonkin Gulf Incident is now admitted a conspiracy there was no attack against the Navy yet we escalated into the Vietnam War and killed a million or so Vietnamese and over 50,000 of our own and what for economy of war. Looking back in history the true facts of the Battleship Maine that was sunk in Havana Harbor and started the Spanish American War are secret and we got into World War I just like the mountain because it was there. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to start World War II for us it was no surprise attack it was an allowed attack. They say history repeats like “we didn’t know”, “how could we know”, “we had no idea”, are we really that stupid or just incompetent, or do we know and just let it happen to justify what we want to do anyway? Yes we are and yes we do. When we got into the second Iraq War every reason was a complete lie, the facts of 9-11 are total bull shit. If you look at the stock market and other market trades just before 9-11, some people were trading on inside information, there was several million dollars made but never collected after the attack who but someone who is afraid of something for some reason leaves millions of dollars behind. Everything is not a conspiracy, sometimes shit happens but when every time is never a conspiracy and anybody who brings up questions is a nut case. Then you realize it’s the government people who are habitual and pathological liars and they admit it with massive amounts of information being classified not because they are just military secrets but to cover their ass when it all goes south. The Wikkie leaks information shows anyone, who wants to know the lies and what they are going to do to Bradley Manning, shows he will never see the light of day, because that’s what we do to heroes who stand up and tell the truth, they have to go down and they have to pay for what they say. Don’t be surprised if a lone nut comes out of the crowd and pulls the trigger on him. Hell he ought to get a medal and maybe one day he will. It is clear our government is a vast criminal conspiracy that should be tried under their own RICO Act. Why do we have constant war? Why do we spend half of everything we have on wars all over the globe? It’s ignorance, It’s greed, it’s stupidity, it’s fear, it’s all of those things in our brain that make us identical to a lizard or a crocodile it’s the reptile brain. It’s our territorial brain that tells us there is not enough for everyone so we better kill off the competition. There is not enough to go around and for all of our history that has been true but what has been true is not always true because what is true changes like everything in this universe. Most everyone knows the next world war will be the last for quite some time and whoever is left which may be no one but if there are survivors the war after the big one will be with sticks and stones. Why don’t we change it, why don’t we stop it, why do we know very well and still go over the cliff. The only way to change it is find a way to change it. A way that most say is not there, they say there is no way so let’s just go over the cliff. Like good little morons. There is a way and it is clear, it’s not clear to many but the few who think it is clear cannot explain to those who have never imagined such a thing to be. The Mother civilization in South America in Peru was about 5,000 years ago Caral and it was before warfare was invented sure there was conflict likely a lot but organized warfare where large groups of people battled was unknown because in the city of Caral there were no defensive structures no forts no ramparts or walls because there no armies what so ever. There were not a lot of people or not too many people, there was plenty to go around and there was no need for warfare. Of course that changed and for the next 5,000 years there was a need for warfare and slaughter and it has served us well, in the sense that you and I are here now. We wouldn’t be here now unless we were the descendants of the best killers nature could offer up but to evolve means to change and that blood and guts strategy is no longer viable. If you are a great killer and I am a great killer and everyone here is a great killer then there will be no one left. It’s not that difficult to see. So we have to come up with a way to reduce our numbers let’s see don’t have so many children wow, now that wasn’t so hard and we have to come up with a way to take reasonably good care of the people we have. Which will be easier to do if there are fewer of us to care for or at least not so many more of us to care for. Our economic system is built on keeping us dependant on the system. For all the talk of freedom and justice I have yet to see much of it around unless you are on top of the food chain and that is exactly what we have here. We are the pray for the wealthy for the corporations and the government and although they have likely seen the writing on the wall they have not seen what is on the other side of the wall. Their efforts and their abilities and power are concentrated on maintaining the wall and keeping all of us inside the wall like sheep in a pen. We will likely never convince those with power to give it up and because they have the bombs and are stupid enough to use them we will never take their power, we cannot even convince the other sheep people to work in their own interests, that’s why they are sheep. Just because the chances don’t look very good is the very reason the chances are very good that we will change the direction of this great Economic Titanic because we have already seen the movie and we will surely not let it happen again. If you see a John Wayne movie and he gets killed in the end, well if you go see the movie again surely John Wayne won’t get killed again. I mean he’s John Wayne how could he get killed twice in one movie. The smallest thing that rarely occurs eventually grows into the greatest altering movement. The Butterfly Effect in Physics means a butterfly decides to fly up instead of down and flaps her wings and that breeze builds and changes and grows and by the time it gets to the other side of the earth it is a Hurricane, that’s the idea anyway. Several billion years ago our planet was a very different place very hot with asteroids and meteors and comets impacting very regularly. The atmosphere was Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen other poisonous gases and in this hot poison soup some amino acids some sugars some genetic material was floating around for eons until one day it linked up in some way somehow and a form of life was established likely from the space stuff zipping in so this early life was using the sun and its own chemistry to create its own food some kind of phyto-plankton or something, I’m no scientist so bare with me. Anyway one day this genetic strand of material mutated in a new way, it changed and one little organism breathed in this sulfur-carbon-dioxide and exhaled a clump of oxygen molecules. It was the first breath so it divided and another organism breathed more oxygen into the atmosphere and so on and so on until here we are today. Those first plankton are responsible for our world and for the oxygen that we breathe today. Nowhere on this earth is there a statue to that little phyto-plankton. Anyway back to changing the world if one phyto-plankton can do it why can’t we unless as smart as we think we are, top of the food chain and all we aren’t shit compared to that plankton. Our science has the answers we need and more questions are answered every day. We can turn around this on coming crash we are headed for. We can evolve our way out of it and we can invent our way out and innovate our way out of it as well. There is no way to stop an idea once it gets out in the open. The invention of civilization happened in Caral, in Peru it happened in Sumeria in Ancient Iraq, in the Indus Valley, India in Henan in China, the basis of civilization occurred around the globe simultaneously just over 5,000 years ago. Farming, Livestock, Writing, Mathematics, Government, Taxes, Laws, Armies, living in Towns. The idea of civilization circled the planet in a few hundred years. Now the evolution of a new age of civilization will circle the planet in 10 years. Super Civilization where we solve the problem we have created with civilization by adapting and refining and cooperating instead of destroying. Every step along the trail or road leads to the next step. The next doesn’t come but from the last and the new way or the new view is only seen from arriving in a new place and a new vision. Don’t let those who can’t see tell you that you can’t see just because they can’t see. “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric”. B. Russell Beads and Shells Let’s see, the world economy is shaky at best, as the great recession has turned around but the recovery is as bad as the recession was. It seems to be getting much better for the top of the top as usual but for the rest of us the economy is as pathetic and anemic as it has always been for at least the past 30+years. That is amazing because the economy is based on the US Dollar which is based on nothing and there will always be more nothing. There is plenty of nothing to go around. How can there be a shortage of nothing so that the price and cost of nothing is rising. How can nothing become inflationary? Does a $100 dollar bill contain $100 dollars worth of paper? The only reason the economy doesn’t work except for the very few is because the very few have designed every aspect of the economy to work for just them, no other reason. The economy today as always is designed and is expert at making money or creating more wealth for those who have the most money or wealth and taking money or wealth from those who have the least. It favors the most demented intelligent, the most amoral and the most ruthless. “Nice guys finish last”. This great huge economic problem that we all worry about around the clock, around the globe is not real, it’s not a reality, it is an imagination, a construct of the human mind to keep track of how much money – wealth the rich have and how little we have, which translates into how much power they have and how little we have. Money is an idea, sometimes maybe a useful idea but much of the time a selfish stupid idea. Debt is also an idea but it’s always a selfish stupid idea. For most of our economic history interest (usury) was a crime, as it should be. The people who derive their wealth from just their wealth (capitalists) without actually making anything or doing anything are morally wrong, check your Bible. Two Thousand years ago the money changers in the Temple in Jerusalem crucified Jesus for just that reason and two thousand years later they are trying to crucify us as well for the same reason. Dollars are only pieces of paper with a one and maybe some zeros printed on them, the more zeros means more money. It’s ridiculous, more zeros, the absence of value, means more value. Our money today is based on absolutely nothing, it’s based on thin air, it is created electronically with the push of a button by some banker somewhere at the FED and Treasury waiting to take his cut off the top and suddenly, now you don’t see it, poof, now you do. There’s a trillion dollars that magically appears to bail out the TBTFail Banks or the Auto Companies or whoever has the power to push the button. These TBTFail bankers believe the US Government and the tax payers are their own personal piggy bank and they are not satisfied to just turn it over and shake out some change they have taken their hammer and smashed the whole piggy system. This economic system is based solely on our faith and belief in the American Government which is approaching zero. The only value is our highly misplaced belief that there is some value, it’s totally absurd. If the government printed fifteen bills each with twelve zeros and a one they could pay off the national debt 15 trillion dollars. Not only does the Emperor have no clothes his money is butt naked too. Why don’t they consider just printing everybody a million dollars and solve the problem? Oh no that would mean that the money would lose it’s value, what value? Or that would mean inflation. The second most corrupt greedy stupid idea they, the wealthy bankers have come up with, the same money is worth less today than it was worth yesterday. You have to have faith, a lot of faith to believe in a system as absurdly twisted as ours. Several thousand years ago in China shells were used as money and there were times when beads were considered money such as when Manhattan Island was purchased by the Dutch from local native Indians for about $75.00 in beads and trade goods, money has value if you believe it has value even if there is really no value there. If we all had some amount of money in our pocket then who would work, so now we may be coming down to the real reason for this giant con job. Paying us with worthless money is the reason people work, manipulating the value of the money means how well you live or how desperate we live, how hard we work, or if we work and what we have to do to survive. It’s some giant sucking sliding scale moved around by the whim of some secret powerful cabal called the FED. It’s a giant Madoff Scheme which is far worse than a Ponzi Scheme. We’ve all heard it said, you fight fire with fire, well then I guess you fight absurdity with absurdity although this is one more battle we will not likely be able to win, considering the great mass of absurdity already built into this corporate absurditocarcy, but we still ought to try. This ridiculous notion is perpetuated by those who benefit greatly by it and use their imagined wealth and power to refuse to change their private economic system. They loosely call themselves Corporate Conservatives or Capitalists, however; Conservatism is not in reality a political philosophy as much as it is a contagious brain wasting disease, the conservative syndrome. If we should take conservative thought out to its logical end we might see Ronald Reagan sitting there in a vegetative state staring off into oblivion, maybe some drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. That is where conservatives are all going and that’s fine with me, except they want to take the rest us with them, because conservatives know best. They may know absolutely nothing but they know it very well. This conservative, capitalist, economic system we live under is beyond repair, “you can’t polish a turd”. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Orwell 1984 The corporate capitalist oligarchs and the Governments they control have lied and do lie over and over, everything they say and do is deception, that’s essential when your cheating, robbing and stealing on a massive scale. How many criminals are tellers of the truth? If you work hard and play by the rules you will earn success. What a crock! “Steal a little they throw you in jail, steal a lot they make you king.” B. Dylan? To fail your way to the top of our economic system brings great rewards. The Federal Reserve Banking System which is the cabal of private bankers that crash the economy repeatedly for their own benefit is a perfect example but is only one of many. The FED was created in 1913 with a mission to iron out the boom and bust cycles of the economy, regulate the banks, protect the credit rights of consumers, maximize employment and prevent inflation, that should do. It took them 15 years until 1929 to drive the economy into the Great Depression that lasted until WWll 1945. They regulated the banks such that massive numbers went bankrupt taking the deposits of all of the people who did not have their money under their mattress. Unemployment was 30%+ as it was the government that kept the numbers so it was much higher just like today. If you took what a dollar in 1913 could buy compared to today the inflation rate is, let’s see a Ford cost $300.00 then and $30,000 today 1,000% in 100 years or a 100 % a decade and 10% a year every year for a century. The FED is a complete disaster and abdominal failure in every sense. Yet there they are taking their cut off the top of every worthless dollar that the US Treasury prints. “Say you want a Revolution” J. Lennon If it’s just too broke to fix, then invent a new one. If there is no trust between the government and the people it is not the fault of the people. The government has failed. When the government has a national security policy to insure its power no matter what it does, the government has failed. When those within the government work together in conspiracy and secrecy to cover their tracks, their constitutional crimes and the truth, then they are all criminal traitors and an act of the utmost treason is occurring. “To get along you go along” may get your name on a building in Washington DC but there is absolutely no honor in that honor. “When any form of government becomes destructive to these ends (life, liberty, happiness) it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it” Thomas Jefferson. If you have a bag full of reasons why you are committing a criminal act doesn’t change the fact that you are still a criminal. The criminal acts committed by our government in our name and that of national security cannot and will not continue unchecked. They don’t hate us for our freedom, they hate us because we have given reason by our acts and most of us have no idea that these acts have even occurred. Harry Truman dropped the atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, a war crime. He created the National Security Gulag, the Constitutional Crime of the century. He was a deciding factor in the creation of the State of Israel an invasion by the non-Semitic eastern European Jewish peoples, a crime against humanity. A tyrant is one who persecutes you for exercising your constitutional right of free speech then if need be just shoots you in the head. So many people today think so much of Truman but if Hitler had won WWll we would all be saying what a great man he was, come to think of it in the big picture the world wouldn’t be that different, just change the names to protect the guilty. If Hitler had gotten an Atomic Bomb which he almost did and put it on a V2 Rocket which he already had if he had wiped out the English Army at Dunkirk and invaded England instead of Russia and then bombed the U.S. into starvation then all of those US citizens of Japanese ancestry Roosevelt had in our concentration camps would have been gassed as well. We like to think, oh no not us we would never do exactly the same thing we did to the American Indians again. Andrew Jackson one of our greatest presidents ordered the death march of the Cherokee and other tribes from Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama to Oklahoma some of those people were US citizens, it didn’t matter to him, he is still on the twenty dollar bill. If our backs were against the wall we would do it. We “Remember the Maine” our battleship that blew up in the harbor of Havana Cuba most likely an accident but we still went to war with Spain just over a hundred years ago. However “Don’t remember the Philippines” that were part of that war, where we committed atrocities on civilians by the uncounted score maybe over a million dead. The order was “kill everyone over ten years old”. Oh we forgot that one! We also forgot our involvement with East Timor, never even heard of it. Kissinger and Ford and even Carter pumped million in military aid to our Indonesian dictator Suharto for that massacre, “the worst slaughter relative to population since the holocaust”. Chile 1973 Kissinger and Nixon and several US corporations as well backed a coup to over throw and assassinate President Allende and install General Pinochet then several thousands of people disappeared or were killed and thousands more tortured. When Bush Jr. and Cheney brought democracy to Iraq they had to inflict nearly a million excess civilian deaths to do so, a job still not done. (Lancet Journal) Our government will even kill our own President when it suites them or cover it up. Winston Churchill said quite a bit but one quote was "When your marching through hell keep going". He and we got lucky, though it was a tough march it worked out for us in WWll but that same advice didn't do Germany or Japan any good. There is always a time when it's best to turn around and back track and try to find another new way. At present we may not be marching through hell but what we are marching through is more like a big economic swamp so it's time to try to find another way around. We might follow Churchill but for all we know he could be marching in hell right now with the rest of the war makers. With all of the wars we have fought in the last 4 thousand years we have yet to learn the lesson. It wasn't Churchill who said "I know not with what weapons WWlll will be fought but WWlV will be fought with sticks and stones" A. Einstein. Warfare has been the way we escape economic quagmire but only one side exits that swamp in a winner take all death match and that is the lesson we have learned very well. When we can create a world of cooperation, equality and justice for all then there will be no incentive to kill our way to the top of the heap. What could we do with the treasure it takes to fight and win or lose war. How much talent and genius have been wasted by the soldiers marching through hell. If we do not find the new way there will be no one left to make the journey. Right now today there are secret wars being fought to prepare for the next war just waiting below the surface to happen. So what if we rise up in a new revolution, which might work except for one more thing, they have all the big guns and the only thing they love more than drooling is blowing people up. Those people would shoot us in a second. If our government truly felt threatened they would send in the predator drones. When they felt threatened in the late 60’s they murdered leaders in the Black Panthers and others. We could try peaceful non-violent civil disobedience and protest like the Occupy Wall Street group, so they could “send in the clowns”, to beat us, gas us and arrest us. You know that has not really worked that well before in the past except in a propaganda campaign. Hearts and Minds against Clubs and Bullets “The pen is mightier than the sword”, but the billy club is harder than the head. Democracy in America means, more Nuclear Power Plants around 70% against, Free Trade Deals like NAFTA and GATT around 70% against, the IMF, World Bank and the TBTFail Banks around 70% against, corporate personhood around 70% against, indefinite war on terror and preemptive war in the Middle East around 70% against, ending birth control around 70% against, Congress 90% against, “There’s your problem”. Here in Southeast Texas we had something like an occupy movement a good while back it was around 1974. It was the “streak craze” where some people stripped down naked and ran through a crowd, so there was a streak dance at the local collage. I was just driving through to my friend’s house on the other side of the campus. I didn’t even know about it. I didn’t go to college, but the road was blocked by people so we, me and my friends stopped and got out. Sure enough some guy streaked by and that was enough for the Police in full riot gear who just showed up after us and they were in between us and our car. I wasn’t there two minutes and here they come with a megaphone that was so scrabbled we could not even hear what they were saying, I deduced it we move on, or else so away I went in front of them 20 feet, and I did as I was told, or I guessed what I was told. So with no provocation this pig (I use the word in the context of the times) took his billy club and stuck it in the middle back of the nearest black guy and jabbed him till he almost fell forward. When he turned around and said “hey” they mistook him for a piñata. So it is on, they are going to get to use all their cool cop equipment, tear gas, oh that’s all they had back then tear gas and clubs, so they used the clubs. One pig cop was following me and he went by a guy already on the ground getting the piss beat out of him and he took one swing as he went by. So I walked on, two blocks and turned left a block trying to get back to my car. Officer Suwee caught me and he said move on, I said my car, bam to the ground. Then he hand cuffed me and brought me back to the command center. So the cop car was parked right by my car and I thanked the offizer for escorting me back to my car and he stuffed me in the patrol car, except there was already four rioting criminals and one girl in the back seat, no problem they stuffed me sideways on their laps and we took off through the city, emergency lights and siren screaming, running red lights at 80 miles and hr. When they booked me in a packed house the cop said PI - public intoxication, I asked for a breath test, they said we can refuse that if we want, so we were on camera and the piglet wanted my SS # so I whipped it off very fast, he said slow down, I whipped it again, to show my speech wasn’t slurred, he called me an ass whole, I said I thought that was a case of transference, he said, what? I said exactly. When I’m it some trouble, I remember things very well, my mind is very clear, I do my best work and I feel razor sharp when the shit hits the fan. Though much of the time in those days I was under the influence of some or several controlled substances, I took my chances and I did more than my share of the counter culture intoxicants and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have escaped a lot of times but not this time. They lock me away in the holding cell, it was reality, blood all over the floor, one guy unconscious on the table, several guys staggering around with bleeding heads, then I see my friend,” they got you too”. Next day in court a different cop gets up on the stand and swears under oath that I was staggering down the street with slurred speech and alcohol on my breath,” I said Judge I wanted a jury trial and this is not the offizer, I always said offizer, who arrested me”, and the video shows I didn’t have slurred speech and I wasn’t drunk. He said guilty 10 days or $100.00. I said I am not paying, I take 10 days, and he scowled. After a few days my friend came up and loaned me the money to get out, I gotta pay that guy back some day. Protesting is not really viable, sooner or later it will get out of hand and there is another Ohio State or Jackson State in Mississippi. When authorities feel threatened they lash out violently just like the late 60’s and early 70’s. I was always the one the authorities picked out to make an example of, my “Cool Hand Luke” phase and I always stood up an played the part. I still do that today but I don’t shoot my mouth off very much it’s more just body language. There was a cop-oinker that came up with me and I was a criminal by their laws and I thought they were the real criminals by my law and I still do. Their laws got enforced because they had the guns and no idea what the US Constitution says. So I’m walking home on the street in my home town one night 10:30. I never had ID because I always lost my wallet over and over but they knew who I was. I’m walking down the street they drive up behind me and turn on the lights and pull me over for walking. Want to see your id but before they even get out of their car this neighborhood guy runs out of his house like a mad man up to me screaming who are you? So I told him my name, the cops moved him back away like he was going to attack me or something. That stuff was always happening to me, being the hippie in Southeast Texas in the 60’-70’ was dangerous, “misdirected animosity”, so he goes back in his house and the cops checks me out and let me go, so I’m walking away, none the wiser. So then piglet calls me back, so I go back, l always do as ordered and he says “you know some guy with long blond hair”, a little town, that would be me or very few others,” is going around and peeking through windows around here taking a shit and jackin off that wouldn’t be you”. At that point I stood up cussed them out and told them about my rights and they couldn’t accuse me off that. So they pounded my head on the trunk of their car and twisted my arm around like “butch the barbican” and hand cuffed me, those cops knew how to torture in those days, one other time they hand cuffed me so tight on my wrist my hand was numb so I resisted, they were real nice, they helped me down a flight of concrete stairs, they pushed me from the third to the second floor, when your handcuffed it’s a tuck an roll drill, they are such funny people. So they took me to jail and booked me for suspicion of voyeurism, they never charged me with anything as I didn’t do anything; they just locked me up for a day or so. That same little cop got stabbed with a little pocket knife by some guy one time so he moved up to the big town of Beaumont where he saw me in a bar a few years later. There were four hundred people in that bar and I was surrounded by friends having a good time, here he comes moving everybody out of the way, taps me on the shoulder “your under arrest for PI” so he took me to jail again, false arrest. There were a lot of times I did things that I could have been arrested for but I always got away by my wits and luck so the Police just arrested me when they came across me for any non reason. Then that little cop went on to the FBI so I had my own FBI agent. They get so used to eating slop at the trough that they just can’t quit. The most serious false arrest I have on my record was “possession of marijuana”. At that time 1971 in the Great State of Texas any amount of marijuana, even a seed was life in prison, and there were people doing life for a joint. So when the government and cops and the judges, the authorities of today want to put on a happy face, just always remember the mask that is under that mask. Me and some friends were under the Bayou Bridge burning and someone called the city cops, but before they got there we finished our criminal activity and I as usual was walking away and I see the cops running toward us and I yell to my friend and he throws a tiny bag of weed in the water. I walk over the bridge and the cop calls me back and back and I go. I always follow directions as not to be shot. They take the four of us to the police station three are minors get released to their parents, I am just old enough to go to jail for the first time. The police chief brings us in his office, he was like all cops a smart ass, he opens his desk drawer pulls out a baby food jar full of pot an says “this is my stash straight from Nam”. Then he locked me up. They never filed charges just kept me in jail a few days then let me go. Believe it or not, I am not angry at the police they’re just stupid ignorant people with serious emotional problems, hence their need for a badge and a gun to make them feel whole and gain the respect they so deeply crave and don’t deserve, that trick will never work for them. Other than the seriously violent criminals, which I have never been, they are more criminal than millions of the people they have locked up in the war on drugs. If we have a future we will look back on this war on drugs as just what it is, a witch hunt, like the communisis, the civil rights protesters, or the hippies, and now the terrorists. We gota have our boogie man so the authorities have a reason to exist, to serve and protect, themselves and theirs. I don’t have a problem with authority. I have a problem with tyranny. I believe in authority. My own brother calls me the General without an army but when the Police use their power to hold themselves to the lowest standard then they are what they are pigs and I’m not afraid to call them what they are even though I know that I should be, because they are looking for someone to crucify just to show that they can and will. They have come for me before and they will likely come again someday. When you are willing to stand up and tell the truth as you believe it to be, then you are a threat to those who cover-up the truth. They need darkness to do their dirty work, so you have to pay for what you say. They have to make an example for others to know what will happen to them and their families if they don’t lay down and remain silent. The threat and the fear are their weapons of choice but they personally would prefer guns and bombs, “dead men tell no tales”. It surly does seem like it is impossible for us to change these things but the fact is, it is impossible for them to keep things as they are. Change is the only constant. The War on Drugs and the War on Me and Maybe You: Taking a drug of any kind is a dangerous thing to do, a drug changes the way you perceive the world and that perception stays with you even when the drug has left the building. Taking LSD means if you end up on the roof of your friends house at 2:30 in the morning in your underwear and a blanket dancing around in some kind of trance, everything is ok, why you should not be up there is not for consideration, like what if the police happen by, the thought never crosses your mind, of course it’s ok it’s great. This kind of thinking can turn out badly very quickly if not for luck, or it can be quite mind expanding and it does expand your mind. Things can get more weird if a group of heroin addicts and a weekend warrior all crowd in the bathroom shooting heroin one at a time because most people puke when they do it. So one shoots and pukes in the toilet then the next pukes and says how good it is and so on, the weird thing is, it’s not weird at that time. Cocaine is a decent into madness, first anxiousness, then a little later paranoid feelings, then delusion and hallucination and finally after six or seven days without sleep or food full blown schizophrenia. After eight days the crack pipe becomes the TV remote and you’re trying to change the channel with the crack pipe. The next day I woke up and the drug dealer I worked for got busted and it was over for me, that was 1992 and I never went back. My hard drug habit had run its course and I came out the other side. That is the place where “madmen peek through the hedge at treasures laying scattered across the ground”. A drug habit is a dangerous place to be but so is going to the moon in reality or in fantasy. For how many years and how many times across the country do the SWAT Nazis in full body armor and military weapons kick down some ones door and shoot them to pieces in front of their family because they are suspects in a pot smuggling deal? All the time over and over, they kill a Grand Mother, oh sorry wrong address, a war veteran, he didn’t lay down or somebody who they just want to confiscate-steal his property. The history books say we won WW ll, wrong the Nazis and the Fascists won because everything that Hitler stood for has come to pass in our Government today. Fascisms is Government run by Corporations and the Military where the citizen is not even in the mix, look around that is just what we have today. They are just kinder gentler Nazis when they can be and they use every trick that Goebbels taught them so well. I am strongly anti-violent but I am not non-violent. I think the odds are fair they will kick my door down too one day and I just want to say, I will not confess to a jailhouse snitch, nor will I hang myself in some jail cell. I have been to jails in several states in my younger days and I have seen firsthand what they do, how they act and who they really are, the bacon boys. These Gestapo Monsters have got to be stopped and they have to pay for the deadly murderous crimes they have committed and do and will commit. I am against capital punishment but they are not, so judge as you shall be judged. When the new day dawns they will pay for the crimes they have committed. Serve and Protect, serve themselves and protect the sorry slimy bastards who run this monkey show. Alcohol causes over 100,000 deaths a year from health effects, auto accidents and other accidents. Tobacco causes around 400,000 related deaths a year. Half a million people die every year due to these legal drugs that our government allows and promotes. When I lived outside of Washington D.C. in 1987 tobacco plants were planted and grown on both sides of the driveway up to the Capital Building, a testament to the power of the tobacco companies. Despite the perjury of the Tobacco Executives who testified before Congress several years ago, all of whom swore under oath that tobacco is not addictive, of course they are all bald faced liars, the executives and the congressmen. Tobacco is more addictive than heroin and more dangerous and it is also more difficult to kick the tobacco habit. Tobacco is a mild hallucinogen, a mild stimulant and a highly toxic carcinogen causing lung cancer and heart disease. It is a dangerous drug for those who use it and anyone else around those who use it, because of their second hand smoke and that’s a proven fact. Alcohol is a strong depressant that slows reaction time and the ability of the human brain to process information which can also be deadly and it destroys the liver and brain over time, it also has a tendency to cause those under its influence to act with violent outbursts and too can be physically addictive. Tobacco and Alcohol should be illegal substances, if the Government had any concern for the half a million citizens who die from these drugs every year but of course they don’t. The government cares about the blood tax generated by these substances and the bribe money from the lobbyist who protect these corporate vultures. The fact that marijuana is judged to be a class one drug, the most dangerous with no redeeming medical or social value is the most hypocritical ignorant stance taken by the government since the affirmation of slavery. The overdose deaths from Marijuana are exactly zero. There is some suppressed evidence that Marijuana actually hinders cancer. Our bodies work hard to expel toxic substances from our systems, anyone who has taken an illegal drug test (giving evidence against yourself, without due process) to get or keep a job and failed for marijuana use knows it can be detected for as long as a month in our system after the last use and that is because our bodies horde it and save it in our fat cells. Our bodies don’t even see it as a foreign substance. It is not toxic at all and the chemical substances in marijuana are a prize to our bodies and are saved and treasured because the human body knows better than the Government who is toxic and who is not. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen like tobacco but is not addictive. It causes a mild calming effect that sharpens the senses, relieves stress and relaxes those under its influence as well. The very stress produced by the way we are forced to live in this rat race is a root cause of many illnesses and diseases that plague us. As marijuana relieves that stress it is a very helpful herbal natural medication. Smoking anything is not a healthy choice such as when our ancient ancestors sat around a camp fire sometimes inhaling the smoke blowing around it was not healthy but it was warm and kept the lions away and that was healthy so it’s always a trade off and the trade off and using marijuana is for the better as a whole. The hallucinating effect causes subtle changes in the mind and clears the thinking process just the opposite of alcohol, it also has a calming peaceful effect and it spurs creativity. It has been used by humans for thousands of years and is likely one of the hallucinogenic drugs that has helped changed our brain chemistry to helped make us who we are. Hallucinogens induced visions in the minds of our ancient ancestors causing the invention of religion and music and dance that literally grew and expanded our conscious minds to invent. Over 4,500 year old Mummies in ancient Egypt have failed their drug test for pot. Marijuana is native to the Americas so who smuggled it to Egypt is a mystery. Marijuana, Tobacco and Alcohol helped make our Country. We are a country of drug users and always have been and always will be as well. The founding fathers, who planned and plotted the American Revolution, did so in Taverns consuming large amounts of Alcohol, Smoking Tobacco and Marijuana or Hemp. They also used it to make the paper that the Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution are written on. Hemp made their clothes and the sails for the Navies sailing ships and the rope to control those sails. George Washington planted Marijuana as did Thomas Jefferson. The very liberating effect that was the basis for our revolution was a side effect of Marijuana and the violence in our revolution was a side effect of alcohol and tobacco was the single thing the British were fighting for because they were already completely addicted. The first drug law written in America was written before the Country existed in Jamestown in 1613 when it was mandated that Hemp must be grown. The founding fathers who grew and used marijuana were Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Jackson, and Lincoln. If we arrested all of the politicians who have used Marijuana today we wouldn’t have a Government including our last three Presidents. Yet that same Government has spent billions of tax dollars and imprisoned millions of people in the last 80 years to protect us from this dastardly weed. Propaganda Movies in the 1930 like Refer Madness show the ridiculous lengths the government went to in the first war on Pot. What is it with these bastards? Marijuana is a miracle plant. It not only gets you high it makes the best paper, cloth, rope, oils and lubricants and unlike cotton it does not strip the soil of nutrients but replenishes the land. The drug wars that have cost billions of dollars and destroyed millions of lives are proof of the tyranny of our government and their corporate masters. The drug laws are the excuse that allows the Government to tap your phone, kick down your door, lock you up or shoot you dead or strip search you on the side of the road and look up your ass on July 7th 1976 the 200th birthday of the country on an east Texas highway just outside of the town of Hemp Hill like they did to me. The stupidity of these ignorant bastards is limitless. If you were to ask a deputy piglet if they have ever had trouble with someone they pulled over who was drunk they would say yes all the time, if you ask if they have ever had trouble with someone they pulled over and busted for marijuana they would say never, it’s the nature of the drug and it should be legal again. Although I personally don’t believe the harder drugs like Heroin or Amphetamines or Cocaine should be completely legal I don’t think they should be criminal. People with a drug habit or an alcohol habit or a tobacco habit have an addiction, a chemical medical problem and it should be treated as such. People are naturally habitual as the AA Programs attest to. The best we can do is replaces one worse habit with one habit that is not as bad. AA replaces alcohol with the habit of addiction to the group itself they become addicted to AA. Other than tobacco I am pretty sure I have taken every drug that was in use from the late 60’s to the early 90’s a span of over 20 years. A drug habit is like having a cold for 20 years after it runs its course if you are very lucky enough not to be dead you emerge from the other side for the better. I was never physically addicted to any drug but I was around people who were and it is a rough way to live and an expensive way to live, always hustling for the next fix and suffering withdrawal if you don’t find what you have to have. A drug habit itself is not nearly as difficult as the laws that make these drugs illegal. It’s the law that makes the habit so much worse. It’s the laws that cause the price to be so high, it’s the law that causes the crimes to be committed to attain the drugs, it’s the law that causes many overdose and the murders and it’s the law that goes most of the way to destroying the families but the drugs do help in that. So the cure is much worse than the disease. It’s like when you felt bad in the old days you would go to the Barber-Dr. and he would cut you to bleed the bad blood from your body to make you well but most of the time he would inadvertently kill you. Beware of the bloody bandaged wrapped around the barber pole. The number of drug murders in Mexico and here in the US are hundreds of thousands of people over the years. I personally knew quite a few who didn’t make it in my drug days and I was very lucky to survive several drug overdoses but I would not change my life even if I could. I am who I am because of where I have been and what I have done and being lucky enough not to have lost the drug lottery. De-criminalization of the drug laws are the only solution. It’s not that great of a jump for the government to de-criminalize because they already deal drugs from the Methadone Clinics all around the country. If a junkie shows up at a clinic and tests positive for opiates in their urine then they are admitted to the program and receive their Government Methadone three times a week at a very cheap price. Methadone is a powerful highly addictive synthetic heroin substitute. So the junkie gets off of heroin and onto Methadone. Anna Nicole Smith and her son both died from Methadone overdoses. Sometimes Heroin addicts sell their Methadone for Heroin because they like Heroin better. So give them the Heroin or Cocaine or Methamphetamine or whatever their little heart’s desire in a somewhat controlled setting. That way they destroy themselves if they have to or want to but they don’t take the rest of us with them. To legalize Marijuana and Decriminalize hard drugs would be a boon to the rest of us. Then the police could use their time to solve crime instead of the drug problem which is unsolvable. The prisons could be almost empty except for hardcore truly violent criminals. Drug addicts would be registered and treated within the drug program as best as could be done, as these are impossible people to handle. The drug cost and dose would be known and would reduce overdose deaths. The Drug Cartels would be finished with no way to profit and no reason to kill thousands for the drug trade. The Marijuana market could be taxed like alcohol and tobacco. End the DEA, yes! It seems like the overall problem could be reduced and managed much more efficiently, so why is it so unlikely to happen, because the world wide banking system would collapse without the laundered drug money washing through the financial market. Why is it we always get back to the TBTFail Banks as the root of all evil? The complete corruption and rotting of the entire Government and Economic System is the real problem we face. The latest poll says 50% of the people want marijuana legalized and that is 15% who don’t care one way or the other, that’s 35% against. The same 35% who are for the NAFTA, GATT, The World Bank and who think everything is “A-O Toy Buck Wheat”. This is the democracy we live in where 35% is a majority, that’s 30% who are idiots and the 4% that run the show for the 1% who rule. To be a fool is not a good thing but to be a powerful fool is disaster. We don’t have a ship of fools we have an ocean of fools. The River Road: Where I am bound I don’t know whereShould I arrive I guess I will be thereWhen I am gone who would even careThis road is long and hard an steep And the valley beyond is wide and deepAnd the river that flows there down to the seaIt only goes where it can be freeThe ways are many the journeys are fewThe ending’s all the same the beginning’s always newAnd everything that is is bought and soldIt all goes down by the river roadAnd all who’ve come and all who’ve goneThey all stood on those banks at dawnAnd all that’s taught or ever been toldI slipped away when we got caught We all went down by the river roadSo when we could and when we wouldWe whispered of things like freedom and brotherhoodWell maybe it is or it ain’t to be But it’s up to us we all said to set us freeSo let it go and grab a hold it’s up to you to come with me I’m headed down the river road hjr2 - 94 “The Personal Robotic Revolution” The people who run the government, and the people who own the Too Big to Fail Banks, and the other people own the giant multi-national cooperation’s, the <1% they almost all have one thing in common, they are all in diametrically opposition to any meaningful change, any change in thinking, or any big new ideas, because they know that new ideas replace old ideas and old ideas have very powerful vested money interests, themselves. Those very few, who through their ignorance and greed and fear have only one goal, conserve the powers that be, by maintaining the status quo, at all costs. Corporations today are so very powerful, they run the world show and they may seem invincible but they do have an Achilles heel. You might never believe it but they need us, they need customers and as soon as a better deal comes along those customers will abandon them by droves because we the poor all hate them and everything they stand for and everything they do, they even hate themselves, no corporation is an island. With the Personal Robotic Revolution they will be gone from the face of the earth. When we stand together it doesn’t even have to be that many of us to show the alternative way then they will crumble and they will get the justice they deserve. We will likely never beat them at their own game, they make the rules as they go, they own the field, the ref’s, the ball and they will do anything to win. If that were not the case we would have seen some small positive change in the last thirty years that would have been beneficial for us, no sir that’s not going to happen. We need a whole new game and our game will then kick their games ass. They all love to talk about competition in the capitalist economy “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door”, however their form of capitalism - fascism works best with monopoly power held by a select few and much secrecy. One of the head guys at ADM the giant agribusiness said it best, when he was secretly taped price fixing the cost of soy beans with the Japanese. “The competition is our friend, the customer is our enemy”. That is the story of capitalism, in the last thirty years since the Conservatives have been in control of the government (Clinton & Obama are moderate republicans at best) they got their taxes cut dramatically, they got regulations slashed, or rarely enforced, they destroyed the union movement, and ended the defined benefit pension funds, they decimated health care system, and the middle class, they got all that they wanted to unleash the capitalist juggernaut. In that thirty years they drove themselves and the world economy right over the cliff and had to be pulled out with the largest socialist bailout in the history of economics, so they could get right back to their rat killing, we being the rats. Government Socialism saves Capitalist Elites who would have thought. It really is how you play the game because when you throw away the rule book, the game implodes back into darkness. The Personal Robotic Revolution is not little robo dogs that roll over and do tricks or some human like automaton that brings you a beer, it’s the new game that will change everything about how we live and work and who we work for. When corporations use robotics we lose our jobs but when we use robotics we lose corporations. Perhaps it won’t be long until we are laying them off for good. Corporations are redundant and worthless. Innovation, Invention, and Entrepreneurial acumen are the only way to fix this problem. I work on over 70 different inventive design projects, a few very large, many smaller and more manageable, most are robotic in nature. One on down the list is my Robotic Sewing Project, it’s not so hard to imagine. A computer controlled loom to weave cloth and a robotic sewing arm attached. If your robot could sew why would we need Walmart and China for appeal? By redesigning the way work is done so that robotic devices could do almost any job, we come to a point (The End of Work) where it takes say 40% of the people to create 100% of the goods and services that we need. We have already been going down this road for quite some time now. This is why right now the economic numbers say the Great Recession is over. Productivity is up, Corporations are doing well, and the banks are doing well too, the Stock Market has recovered as well. The economy has recovered except for of course us, unemployment depending on who you believe is 10 to 20% and it will stay there for good. The main problem with the corporate capitalist conservative economy is it’s ruthless, heartless, rapacious nature, it’s a winner take all, and a law of the jungle and its belief and acceptance, that such is the way it should be, for ever more. Of course that belief is an unending disaster and a disaster most everyone knows is coming because it is already here. What very few people can imagine is that the corporate conservative capitalist who are the real problem behind the curtain will in short order be very extinct. How could that possibly be, we need them, how can the economy function without Bankers or Hedge Funds or great huge multinational corporations and insurance companies and a giant government to keep it all dysfunctional. If our government was a stack of cards and you threw those cards up into the air they would fall to the ground in better order than the order of the government that we now have. For things to be as chaotic and disorganized and as irrational as we now have takes hard work, hundreds of thousands of bureaucrat’s work 24-7 to keep this amount of dysfunctional ineptitude humming along. Are we such blind cowards that we actually believe that we need them and all that they don’t do? Well maybe we could vote them out of office except our democracy functions as poorly as they do. Our education system teaches each new generation exactly how not to think, and not to be critical in the words of some great politician “To get along, you go along”. They are very good at teaching that there is nothing we can do so if you try expect to be punished. The reason there are organizations like Fox News and they are atop in the ratings is simple, stupidity rules. The thing all truly stupid people have in common is they have never nor will ever question their own stupidity. It never occurs to them nor can it that they could possibility be stupid. There is a story told about when Adlai Stevenson ran for President in the 50’s, he gave a brilliant speech and after a woman from the crowd yelled “every thinking American is with you”, his response was “that’s good but I need a majority”, that’s the story anyway. I think, I’m one of the people who is just a little smarter because I know very well I am stupid, I must be because I have done so many idiotic things in my life, that has to be the case. Once you can embrace your own ignorance then the tiniest bit of light shines in, it’s a little wisdom. That is a light beyond those who are too stupid to know they are stupid, they are doomed to dark ignorance. Soon enough the price of oil will be so high that importing all of our manufactured goods from China or India or anywhere will be too expensive no matter how low the slave labor costs are. The goods will be too expensive as we will no longer have jobs that pay enough to buy the products we want or need; such is already the case for many or most. The Personal Robotic Revolution will only speed up that re-localization of the economy. If your robot could sew you will only need to go down the street, all apparel becomes manufactured sold and bought in the neighborhood. This idea will transfer across the economy. Almost everything we need except for raw materials could be produced locally. The world economy is based, so they say on competition, the most completive product or price wins, except for the only real way to out compete is out cooperate, for one reason competitors spend a lot of time and money trying to beat the competition down and vice versa however those who cooperate don’t waste that energy or effort and in their case both win. Nature itself has shown this lesson over and over. There is the law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest but for every example of dog eat dog there are nine examples of corporative symbiosis. The alligator who opens its mouth to let a bird clean parasites from between its teeth, the fact that the bird knows the gator will not eat it because it is more valuable as a feathered tooth brush. These relationships require more trust than fear. These are the relationships that allow the natural world to go around. For every one law of the jungle there are at least nine you scratch my back examples, we have just reversed their order in some shoot first insanity reaction. When we cooperate everyone has a much better chance to win meaning get by, live and let live. Cooperation will beat out competition 9 out of 10 times. A cooperative economy will beat out a competitive economy except in a time of war. The Native American Indian tribes of the Northwest knew this very well, over a century ago. They lived lightly on the land, they had private and common property, women controlled the economy and trading, everyone had one vote, everyone was cared for as best as could be expected and there was much peace. The native economy was a closed loop near self-sufficient economy with some local trading and long distance trading. This economic model worked very well for millennia, until the Europeans appeared on the scene. They – we had a different model shaped by centuries of warfare and that warfare was the overriding solution to solving conflict in Europe. As in Europe, when we came into contact with the “other” we used the one great advantage we had to compete, really the only way to compete with a self-sufficient advanced closed loop economy is genocide. When war is the determining factor throughout our history and the competition to build better and more powerful weapons brings us here to a place where our weapons are so powerful that to use them means the destruction of the whole planet. Now we have to learn what the true civilized societies have known for ages we have to get along, we have to cooperate, we have to live together because that is better than dying together. The Personal Robotic Revolution is an economic revolution instead of a violent revolution that will allow us to tear down and transform this house of war and to finally build a house of peace. You win wars, you share peace. I believe the Native American Tribal Governance and the mostly self-sufficient native economies of the 1800’s and before were such a threat to the US Government there was no way to compete with them except genocide. Warfare was the main thing the US excelled at, a fact still evident to this day with our war first attitude. When warfare and weapons become so powerful that we can turn the entire planet into a burnt cinder then it becomes completely suicidal. No one will win the last war. “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity”. D.D. Eisenhower Maybe Tomorrow I believe the world in 50 yrs. or so will be unrecognizable from today, one way or the other. If we turn it around it will be a wonderful life, if we fail it will be a nightmare. All we need to create a new way to live is here or near here right now. The RC Model is a matrix idea as it will bring along a bunch of other good ideas with it. Physicists say space and time are curved, if so then half the future is behind us. When we are able to take our technology and mix it with the tribal culture and ways, true and tested for millennia on how to live in harmony on the land, then we will turn the wheel and much peace may occur. All empires turn to dust as the American Empire is now blowing away. The only question worth asking or answering is what rises from the ashes. We could do this build the first robotic constructed building on the planet and make the way for the next step, The ARC Model - Autonomous Robotic Construction and The Personal Robotic Revolution. The best and perhaps the only chance we have of turning around our deteriorating situation is in the nurturing of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen. The Ten Cent Economy: This phrase does not mean everything will cost ten cents; it refers to a hundred, like a century. So ten cents equals to one thousand or the idea that one thousand people with personal robotic solutions will be able to produce nearly all the goods and services that it takes to take care for five thousand people. A thousand older people, fifteen hundred young people and twenty five hundred working age people. If this robotic economy was part of today’s capitalist corporate economy that would mean 40% unemployment, indefinitely, and this is where we are headed. In the Ten Cent Economy it could mean the standard of living is higher for everyone, except we will only work six or seven months a year. This is the difference between competition and cooperation. This is the difference between most all of the goods being manufactured half way around the world or being manufactured down the street by you and your neighbor. This is the difference between having a banker, an insurance CEO, a multi-national corporate CEO, a health care CEO and a giant government full of politicians and bureaucrats, all taking their piece of the pie off the top or them being made redundant and fired into extinction. In the Ten Cent Economy none of those positions are any longer needed. It will be amazing to see how much bigger the pie is if there are no longer any greedy fingers of useless thieves gorging to feed themselves. In the Government and the corporate capitalist economy of today these vampires and ghouls have written themselves into every aspect and transaction that occurs, so that they are the first to take their skim off the top. Tomorrow however we may be skimming them off the top to deposit them into the slop tank where they deserve to be. The Ten Cent Economy will be modeled on a village economy or larger urban cities will be divided into several neighborhood economies each somewhat autonomous but all cooperating together. A city of one hundred thousand is large enough for a good size collage and a good size teaching hospital. As we learn to cooperate more and compete less the cost of health care and an education become much more manageable. Our Health Care System and the cost of a Collage Education are two of the economic impediments we face. Why our cost for these necessities is far more than any other country in the world is caused by the amount of effort and money wasted competing and maximizing profit. In this competition, services and quality are sacrificed. In the ten cent economy health care, education, insurance and banking are to be non- profit entities. Everything in the economy is not purely for profit and everyone will benefit if such is the case, except for the vultures. This is the way to cut taxes for everyone and create a system that covers everyone. That a large part of our population is excluded from health care for the sake of economic profit is criminal in any decent civilized society. Everyone in Cuba has health care, there is no excuse and there is no reason why it should not be that way here as well. It’s the drive for profit before all in the rapacious capitalist model that is the enemy. In the corporate capitalist economy they are the wolves and we are the sheep. We are in fact the prey and the wolves will do anything in their power to keep it this way. This is accomplished by convincing a good many sheep to help the wolves. Most sheep aren’t very smart they can’t understand the sheep don’t need the wolves it’s the wolves who need the sheep. Generally the wolves are smarter than sheep because it’s not so much that the wolves are in the sheep’s clothing but many of the sheep are in wolves clothing. I’m nobody’s teacher I’m nobody’s preacherI’m nobody’s Saint I don’t know what I am I only know what I aint hjr2 ?I do not believe in beliefI do not trust in trustI only hope for hope For everyone of usBecause I can Therefore I mustSo do nothing and hope for the bestOr do something and hope it works hjr2 ? Utobotics- Utopia through Robotics If you have ever been to Monticello Thomas Jefferson’s digs he had a pretty good efficient system going for his day except for the horror and the brutal fact of slavery, at his death Jefferson only freed his mistress Miss Sally Henning and her – his sons? The fact that his plantation ran on slavery is a fatal flaw that had to be settled by our civil war and over a hundred years of struggle, a struggle still burning or simmering today. However If you made Monticello over with robotic power or ran an Amish like model except with high technology or a Native American Tribal Model with personal robotics we could well be on our way to the utopia dreamed up by the ancient Greeks and every dreamer since. At least until the robots rise up in their own robot slave revolution. For a group of different people to move towards some kind of Utopian Experiment they would have to invest a lot of time and effort in learning a new way to live and that would mean they would have to work at it. That would take a good bit of time and effort, so they would need some time off, so they would need to work less to afford time to invest in our relationships, our families and ourselves. It would almost be like a part time job working on human relationships working on peace. Now the economy takes so much of our time working and competing we don’t have the time for our family or personal relationships. In many industries the 40 hour week is already a thing of the past, as is health insurance, defined benefit pension and other work place rights brought on by the strength of the union movement of the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. It has been a downhill ride for the working middle class since then. Many middle class people have consistently voted against their own interests through disinformation and propaganda campaigns aimed at pitting the old against the young, or black and Hispanic against whites and mostly the rich and powerful against the poor and powerless in class warfare. It’s “peace through war” or “freedom is slavery” right out of Orwell’s 1984. In this way a heart attack deadly greasy hamburger becomes a delicious wholesome meal in a beautiful Styrofoam box with a little plastic toy for free, free is good. The people who are so adept at “manufacturing consent” have a great desire in helping to continue this Economic System that is doing such great harm to all, but for the advantage of the very few. There is no quenching their thirst it is always more and more, “all they want is everything”. If we get productivity up 6% this quarter then we need 8% next quarter and on and on. They are just trying to bring back slavery in every possible way but name. Economic Slavery is slavery just the same. This truly is a race for us rats run on a spinning wheel with and no finish line but poverty and death. It’s change or die or don’t change and die so what’s the difference? A chance to live. What is there to be afraid of? We have to change it, we have no choice. This personal robotic revolution has started and it started with me, a revolution of one, a majority of one and a master of one. Burning StarThey come to duel each a pairThe night is cool the wind is fairThe clouds are thin in the veil of starsSo sets Venus and rises MarsSo I follow where they have comeTowards the distant beating drumThe Moon is thin and shining dimSo I go where they both have beenOut on the bloody beach You lay there just beyond my reachOut on the dying plane I cry out and call your nameOn sacred ground I bend down and kneel For every solider drops his sword and his shieldOn that lonely battle fieldOpen wounds that never healSo deep inside they leave no scarBut there they still resideThose silent wounds of deafening warThat you so bravely try to hideAnd never ever cry for meEyes full of tears they cannot seeAnd you will never weep for me while I forever sleep Remember the promise you promise to keepLook out across the flaming skyWhen a star burns out it is I hjr2 2009 Robotic Fantasy: In the future robot fantasy world everyone gets a certain basic amount of care, just for being born, that would be truly making life more sacred. Food, clothing, a place to live, an education, health care, a job or not, pension in retirement if we work together then no one would have to work as hard, if we shared the work and we shared the benefit from the work, if we mostly cooperate instead of mostly compete we could have a world economy based on justice for all. There is no freedom without economic freedom and economic slavery is only a short step from total slavery. The only reason we can’t create that world and economy is because of those in power now over this world and this economy they will not allow it because they are ignorant, stupid, greedy, arrogant bastards. Everyone deserves the necessities to survive. That is the way to create a peaceful world. If no one lives in dire poverty then there is a much less likely a chance that wild gangs of criminals will be wandering the streets to loot and pillage. If we can create an economic system that truly cares for and supplies the basic needs for everyone, then who will go to war. If we don’t need oil or as much oil then why kill or die for it? If we make war obsolete then how much do we save? No armies or navies, or they could be dramatically smaller, no, or fewer weapons or bombs, no Military Industrial Complex, no body bags flying into Dover. So how on Earth might we invent such an economic wonder system with such a surplus that every person on Earth receives fundamental care? Who would do all the work? Robot Fantasy! Who would pay? We’ll just print some more worthless money. When you redesign the way the work is done to simplify it, even adds steps just so some sort of robotic device can accomplish the task and we own the robots then we win. NASA already has robots on other planets and more headed that way, they are very complex, so put on a DEVO song and just ________ !( insert your own ad campaign slogan) You don’t get it, neither does my wife. We have robots at the bottom of the sea, and flying around looking for or bombing insurgents or civilians or friendly soldiers all over the place. When the robots jump sides and start helping us to create the life and the world we deserve, then we win. Then things could change very quickly. When we use the robots then they will help to eliminate all of the middle men between where the work is done and where the gain is used. I and my robot produce for my neighbors and they and their robots produce for me, until one thousand people can care for five thousand people, and then it’s replication time and we win. This utopian robotic fantasy is the new part of a dream that has been dreamed for thousands of years and has failed thousands of times, but it never died and we may fail again and again until it comes to pass maybe sooner than we might dream and we win. That would be up to us to keep trying or do as we are told and give it up. Change is not a word on a campaign sign or what you drop in the cup of some homeless person on a street corner. Change is what we personally could do to help bring on a better future for us all. You cannot convince people to change with facts, many won’t believe them. You cannot legislate change with laws people will break them. The way to bring change short of catastrophe is to buy it. Bribery is the way to bring change, you have to buy change. In such a case people don’t care about the change, if some change lands in their pocket, then they will go along even if they don’t believe the truth. “Buy Change Now”. Although the average mean human intelligence quotient is probably falling, people still know which is the better deal for them and theirs, even if they don’t always know why it is so. We have Christianity today because the first early Christians gave women a much better deal in their lives. That is why on the darkest day of the crucifixion the women stayed with Jesus and the men all ran away to hide somewhere. When we can bring a better deal for people and prove that it is so and show it works, then we will have an economic revolution and the quote form Shelly “ye are many, they are few”, will have new resonance and sound across the planet. Can you hear it, yet? Then we win. If we can create robot constructed buildings and dwellings, beautiful, strong, safe, cheap, then people will want them, so then we also sell everything with the structure and it is all one unit and is all manufactured local or regionally. So we have jobs manufacturing and servicing the robotic devices, jobs as operators of robots, jobs in raw materials production in there transportation by train or barge or ship, jobs manufacturing all of the peripherals that go with the structures. If we have neighborhood economies then nobody commutes, and we don’t need the oil or much of it. If most everything is made down the street a short walk or a little electric bike or electric car ride away. If there are no middle men and no shipping expenses, if goods and services are produced very local then those who are still left in the transaction, the producer and the used will make a very good deal. The multi-national cooperation is the most hated institution on the planet next to them are our governments and it doesn’t matter who you are sooner or later that fact catches up with you. When almost everyone hates you your collapse is imminent. It wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort to have something better than what we have now, that bar is pretty low. This is a revolution of will and the corporate elites should make sure their economic will and last testament is current. The most vulnerable animal in the food chain is the top predator because in dire times they are first to perish then without the predator the heard will flourish to a point. How many people would it take to create a closed loop economy? If there were 500 basic products that we needed to survive so then 10 groups of 50 workers could create 10 different products on different days and supply 5,000 people. Then everyone could maybe work 5 days on 5 days off or 4 days on 3 days off and have a 6 week vacation or work part time even less the older you get. Then 1,000 people would supply 5,000 people. That would be 2500 children or school age 1500 old or disabled part time and 1,000 full time workers only full time would be much less than today. We could all make less money and still afford a much better standard of living. The way 1,000 people can care for 5,000 people is they cooperate, they share, and they employ the personal robotic economy. That is the basic idea behind The Personal Robotic Revolution and the Ten Cent Economy. If such a system could be made to work, then replicated every time you take 5,000 people out of the Corporate Capitalist Economy by offering a much better deal those people are no longer consumers, they are no longer customers. Then they become human beings again. As more people see the advantage of The Personal Robotic Revolution and exit the Corporate Capitalist Economy the end of the old way becomes clearer and its collapse becomes more imminent and sooner. The collapse of the Corporate Capitalist Economy is already under way and nothing is going to stop it, just like nothing stops death when it is our time to go. The question is what happens to the next generation, is it a better world or is it a more desperate world, is it a world of hope and peace or a world of misery and tyranny? What we do now is going to decide that question for our children, grand children, and generations to come or if there are going to be generations to come. There is no promised future absolutely destined to be, if we don’t insure by our actions that those odds are on our side we will sooner than later lose that bet. Love Sleeps: Love sleeps so deep that it cannot wakeLike flowers lay beneath the early snowLove needs that heart acheTo make it strong and let it growTo last the winter cold and longWhen the north wind does blowIt never takes too muchOr gives away too cheapIt’s hard to hold it’s hard to touchIt is impossible to keepIt runs too fast it runs too deepIt’s hard to grasp or make it last It always runs too sweetAnd like the flowers bloom again in the springLove awakes a more beautiful thingIt fills that dark cold lonely placeWith just the memory of your warm sweet bright shining face hjr2 1994 Hallucinate the Dream: There is one thing, maybe more than one, but only one thing in this sentence that the vast majority of all of us have in common. We have no idea what to do to fix this man made horrible situation we are within and it’s getting worse. There are people with power or wealth or fame whose voices get heard they are sitting on their hands. They don’t know what to do. The only people who even try are crazy and who’s going to listen to crazies, that’s want they say and they are right, anyone who follows a dream or seek out a vision, has to be deluded, they are right the future is a fantasy. That may be the case because nobody seems to be fixing anything. We fix things on a personal scale but the big problem is immoveable. That is how it is supposed to be seen to grind us down like wheat in the mill. If you are in this system seeking some change you are easy to stop. Only in a desperate time when people are grasping at straws might we get lucky and find the one that break that camel’s back. If you always think clearly before you speak you will rarely get yourself in trouble but you will never say what needs to be said, for that you have to talk before you think and apologize when you have to. What is attainable depends on our conciseness and how we use our conciseness to influence in our own small way the outcome we wish and on some rare occasion when things are tight and just right we may be able to move things our way just enough to make a difference. Of course to have such an metaphysical bent is most likely due to the ingestion of some good orange sunshine in the late 60’s or early 70’s and forty or more fears to digest the experience and then you come all the way back around and there it is, right where you left it all those years ago. The authorities are pretty determined to stamp out mind altering substances with their jack boots and imprison anyone who believes differently like they always have done. They are very fearful of mind altering as there is no telling what kind of idea may come from an altered mind. Dr.Crick’s vision of the double helix of DNA came while taking LSD. Several of the visionaries of the Computer Age and the Internet saw this future with the help of some psychoactive additives to consciousness, such as Steve Jobs and others. The baseball pitcher Doc Ellis pitched a perfect game on LSD in 1970. There have also been people who believed while taking LSD that they could fly and took flight off of some high rise building. It’s a dangerous thing,, it’s kind of like fire. It can burn you up or just keep you warm and light the night. It seems everything has some risk and deciding which is worth taking and which is not is free will and should be up the each of us. The US Government started studying LSD in the 50’s so the CIA did some experiments that turned out bad for them and their guinea pigs. They wanted a mind control drug to

control people’s thoughts because they are the intelligence agency, as usual though they ended up doing just the opposite. Instead of mind control they freed and expanded the conciseness of people like Tim Leary and John Lennon and thousands of Hippies and then in 1971 finally me. Good LSD is like sex if you never did it, no one could possibly explain it to you, but I will try. In my LSD experiences I left my body one time while urinating and traveled down into the toilet and out into the universe with all the stars. Then I thought I would never be able to find my way back to the bathroom and zoom I was back. It’s ”cellophane flowers and marmalade skies”. One time I took it and went to High School. I was ok till typing class. It’s very difficult to type when the words on the paper are all moving around. You type a letter and there it goes over to the next sentence. Then I went into a little trance, spaced out, I got up went to the door and into the next typing room unplugged a typewriter and carried it back to the my typing class and then I snapped. I was standing there in front of the class with this typewriter in my hands thinking what the hell am I doing, then the teacher looked up and said “put that over there” and I said ok. When you take LSD you never know what’s going on. One time I took it and my friend put on this new comedy album some guys called Cheek and Chong I was very confused. When my other friend’s parents were out of town I took some over to give to some football players that were spending the night. So we all ended up running around half night on his roof in our underwear with blankets like capes. Larry turned into God and said we were all just his toys and he was going to put us back in his toy box, it was great fun. I never would have thought Larry was God and when I came down from the roof and the drug I started to have my doubts. Later I went into the back den by myself and sat in and easy chair watching a clock on the wall it was about 2:oo in the morning and then the hands of the clock started speeding up and I watched the minute hand moving like the second hand and four hours went by then the clock slowed back down to normal and I looked outside and the sun was rising, time dilation. Did I speed up time with my mind? Well someone ratted me out to the football coach and I was marked as an undesirable who was not good for the football team. Later that Coach and the Principal called me into the office and said they were going to strip search me, when I said sure ok they then said no that would destroy the trust we had between us. Yea sure! It was amazing if you took LSD in a little East Texas town in the early 70’s you could talk to God, if just in a Hallucination. I quit taking LSD when I started to have those bad trips, full of vampires and Nazi Gestapo themes. It magnifies and reflects whatever mood you are in at the time of the experience. If you’re feeling good, then it’s great but if you are already feeling bummed out for some reason then you really feel bad and that feeling is more real than real. But there was no way back to the real world once you tear down the curtain, it won’t go back up even if you wanted it to, which I didn’t. When you see though the veil and you are out of the box and you know no one who has not done this will ever know what the hell it’s all about. It’s about not knowing, more than it is about knowing, it changes you. “I only know I do not know” and it changed the direction of the rest of my life and I think it was for the better but who knows. I wouldn’t change it back for the world. It’s like when you know something there is no way to un-know it. How can you un-know something that you know you don’t know already you have to take some LSD to figure that one out. The things you do right or wrong or who knows are what makes you, you. The drugs, the sex and the rock an roll were very risky behavior, dangerous and threatening, just like life and I’ll drink a double shot of orange juice to all those free souls I knew who didn’t survive” what a long strange trip it’s been”. I have to agree with H.S. Thompson “I would never recommend drugs, sex, or violence to anyone but they always worked for me”! RIP About 80,000 years ago when our ancestors were hanging around in the trees in Africa everything was cool and then for some unknown reason we decided to climbed down and headed out onto the savanna. We had started walking erect and looking around and our hands were free and we had started making tools with our dexterous opposable thumbs. Though we were little and slow and we had no claws or fangs and big cats loved us, in a tasty kind of way, we were pretty smart on our two legs. Why would we leave the safety of the trees to go out and challenge the big predators? There must have been something out on the plane that we liked very much and we needed. The hallucinogenic flowering plants that were growing out there didn’t taste very good but they felt great. The very same plants that were possibly partly responsible for helping to evolve all the little knobs and nodules in our newly evolved brains that we became addicted to these hallucinogens helped defined who we are. I mean a little guy out there fighting lions has got to be a junkie looking for a fix, why else would he be out there. Only a junkie would go fight lions for some mushrooms or poppies or some herbal flowering plant. Some anthropologists believe ingesting those hallucinogenic plants are what kick started our mind to invent culture and induce visions of God and religion and art and music dance and language, they helped make us who we are now. The dreamers and inventors who learned to shape their world instead of always bowing down to it.

Muddy Stream A distant look a vacant stare they are like old books those pages tearLong lost cares and forgotten dreams Flowing by like muddy streamsThere is no time there is no reason There is no rhyme to the seasonAnd it doesn’t matter what you think you ought to thinkWhen you wander all alone out near sanity’s brinkOut near sanities edge the silence you hear is the only soundAnd mad men peak through the hedge At treasures lay scattered across the groundCome and go as you will do as you please Still you bow your head and kneel down to your kneesNo matter how hard you feel you pray the blind will never seeThey dwell in that dark prison thinking they are freeAn little by little bit by bit they take each piece of the puzzle And try to find a place for it to fitAnd now I often wonder about that special one She loved me so softly when it all had just begunAnd time flowed like water rushing over the falls Or lonely hushing echo’s bouncing off the empty wallsThere has never been an answer there is just a call From that lonely dancer at the midnight ballWith a distant look a vacant stare They are like old books those pages tearAnd long lost cares and forgotten dreams Flowing by like muddy streams hjr2 1994 Free the Ideas I truly love ideas, they are so great, even the bad ideas or the ones that are wrong because they can be very powerful if they are believed. Ideas are all we really have so what are they actually, they are bundles of neurons firing across the synapses in our brains cells, and there are thousands of miles of bio-wiring in our heads. There is more going on in your head than is going on in a super computer. The idea of the idea wobbles the mind. The idea of space and time never ending or beginning or beginning and ending passing out to infinity or within micro-infinity until they meet. Our brains are not just here to feed our stomachs. Our minds have become receivers of ideas from the ideasphere transmitting those ideas into reality which is I guess an idea made hard and solid but when we look down into the hardest concrete thing it’s empty, there is nothing really there, tiny particles or patterns of energy and energy is a word invented to describe something that we have no idea what it is, so we are back to nowhere. Ideas are totally free for the thinking and I think I am somebody who is from the left, out of left field, I’m left-handed, likely dyslexic, self diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and maybe Neotenous, an adult who stays child-like or someone who natures slowly. I see the world as strange, awkward and a confused place and I feel the world see me in that mirror image. I feel distant and I’m very comfortable in that feeling, I never feel alone although I most always am. I enjoy solitude in my own world and in my own head and I would just as soon keep it that way. It’s not uncomfortable for me to be alone. I really feel down inside I’m ok, and it’s the world and most of the people in it that sucks and I am the lucky one not to be such a part of it. I am not always within myself but I am always within my vision. I have always been the outsider, except when I am acting and I can do so well enough to fit in when I want to or need to, I just can’t do it for a long spell, it feels like it’s a dishonesty thing. I’d rather just call you an ass-hole, if that’s what you are and I don’t really care if you are my boss, a cop, an old teacher or my father. Being an ass-hole is a prerequisite for having authority or being an authority. Good guys finish last as it should be. I have always been the guy they, the authorities pick out to make an example of so the rest of the team will stand in line. It’s not really fair but that’s the whole point. Instilling fear is not fair but if the example is not stomped down beyond recovery and is able to get back up a few times, then authority has a problem because not only do they have an example of what not to do, they have a rebel and a rebel is the worst thing for an authority, unless they put our back to the wall and fire. First because authorities are not that smart or they wouldn’t be authorities and all they know about rebels is stomp them down. It’s the old Japanese proverb “The nail that stands up is pounded down” till they get to the point like one of those old ground hog games at the fair where they stick up their head out of the hole and you beat it down only to have another one stick it’s head up over here then over there. Then it shows what the authorities really are, a pack of scared, stupid, little idiot, bullies with their badges and their guns running around in circles hunting themselves down. Many of the criminals these days are better people than the police, we are sure better than the judges, or politicians, because the authorities are in general a “deviant degenerate lot”. They are the Sheriff of Nottingham and we are Robin or Little John or Friar Tuck. Many of those who are at the top of the economic food chain can never or very seldom see what is just one step in front of them. They look out from the top floor of their corner office and all they see is their own reflection in the glass and that is as far as their vision goes. Standard Oil, IBM, Sears, The Big Three Auto Companies they never learn. Standard Oil Company at the turn of the last century had a near absolute monopoly in the oil business until a guy named Patillo Higgins had a dream. About five miles from where I was born and about fifty years before Crazy Patillo was wandering around Beaumont, TX telling anyone who would listen and anyone who wouldn’t that there was oil just south of town under a little hill called Spindle Top and was he ever right. Like a lot of prophets he never got any benefit from his vision but a lot of other people sure did. He and John Rockefeller missed out completely. At that time Standard Oil drilled for oil in Pennsylvania and Ohio but an oil well in those times was not like today. Then they drilling down several hundreds of feet and if they were lucky some oil would come bubbling up out of the ground, maybe 80 or 100 barrels a day but that was enough to make Rockefeller one of the richest men in the country. Captain Lucas started a company and they started to drill near where Patillo said. Rotary Drilling had been advancing and drillers were able to drill somewhat deeper over a thousand feet. Well Sir, they were having money problems and were soon going to be broke but just in time as often happens they struck oil but this well was different by a long shot. You see they drilled into the first high pressure zone ever encountered. Normally a zone of oil is connected one way or the other back and forth it the surface which makes the oil bubble up but the Lucas Gusher was the first time anyone drilled into a high pressure zone, one that was covered and isolated by a rock formation above it so the weight of the rock pressed down on the oil and natural gas causing great pressure. Instead of eighty or a hundred barrels a day the Lucas Gusher produced over a hundred thousand barrels a day. The oil was blowing out around two hundred feet into the air. A lot of the technology we still use today was invented of the spot to try to contain the blowout, such as the Christmas tree which is a series of valves that allow drillers to flow and pump mud down the well in different directions to try to control the oil and natural gas flow. So much oil blew out that they soon build a levee to hold the flood of oil. Sometime later that lake of oil caught fire or someone set it afire and that fire made news around the world. The oil well itself was second hand news as no one but a few really understood what was happening. That is always how it is when some earth changing event happens most people scratch their heads and say what a hell of a fire. Rockefeller said “why do I want to drill way down in Beaumont”. So we had Texaco and Gulf and other oil companies and oil was four cents a barrel not a hundred dollars a barrel or soon to be who know what three hundred or more when we go to war with Iran. Without the Lucas Gusher and other oil fields discovered all over soon after there would be no Ford Motor Company or GM or any of the others. That could only happen when the supply of oil went through the derrick. So crazy old Patillo Higgins was left out but he was the one who saw a little part of the future. IBM was the only computer company on the horizon big blue and they built all of the computers for the military and the government and big business and they were smart people but the smartest people at IBM couldn’t see right in front of them. They were considering the Personal Computer and these hot shots thought personal computers why bother what would we be able to sell five thousand or ten thousand it wouldn’t be worth our trouble, let it go by. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack and Bill Gated and Paul Allen and the guys in the garage at Hewlett Packard could see something else. The big boys at the top just can’t see it. They are rich, they are powerful, they are comfortable and now they are second best before they know it. They should remember Satchel Page “always look behind you, someone might be gaining on you” and they always are. Sears and Roebuck never thought some country bumpkin from Rogers Arkansas could actually be a threat to the largest retail store in the country for a generation but unfortunately Wal-Mart had a different idea and a better idea. While Sears was building the tallest building in the world at the time in Chicago, Sam Walton was building three or more stores a week. Is this a re-run? While the Big Three Auto Companies were building big heavy gas guzzlers that broke down weekly, those sneaky Japanese secretly quit making junk toys and little radios and started making top notch efficient compact cars for a reasonable price, then TV, Stereos, Eight Track Recorders, then Cassettes, then CD then everything else Americans wanted for a generation. Until those sneaky Chinese and Indians from India, Indonesia, Korea. everywhere but here had their turn, and if you could look a few steps down the old road what would you see? Us hungry and the world changing and the oil that it takes to ship all of those products half way around the world from China to Wal-Mart getting more expensive. Soon enough maybe not this year or maybe this year when peak oil hits Saudi Arabia’s oil production and it starts to slip which is a very closely guarded secret or another war with Iran in the Persian Gulf or Climate Change becoming undeniable the next drastic change that none of the big boys are looking for or ready for. The Personal Robotic Revolution when our jobs come back and almost everything we need is produced is made down the street or just over the hill, so your job is right here and we don’t commute, we work from home and produce to sell to our neighbor and he or she does the same for us and then WalMart and China and the Oil Companies and the Car Companies are all gone away and every big Corporation is extinct because they forgot one thing they all need, customers, so when we are our own customers then they are extinct like the dinosaurs they are. Go Left Young Man:The world is designed for Right handed people but much of it is designed by left handed people and not so long ago left handed people were persecuted as evil. Schools would not let children use their left hand my own father was one. If your right handed your school desk supports your arm when writing, if your left handed your arm is handing out in the air. All tools are designed for the right handed even scissors don’t work for the left handed. The mind works in mysterious ways especially the right side of the brain of the left handed person because left handed people come up with the alternatives. We think differently, in different ways and see things in differently as well. The left handed are creative and inventive and are far more successful in these fields than the odds should allow. They are those who have changed the world. Left handed people are less than 10% of the population but are much more than 10% of the problem solvers pushing forward relentlessly and when the world pushes back we give ground and when the world knocks us on our backs we get up again and again and again, until they shovel the dirt and cover us up. Then it’s someone else’s turn. Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Joan of Arc were all left handed. Recent Presidents of the United States who were left handed Obama, Clinton, Bush Sr., Regan, Ford, and Truman. World political leaders who were left handed Gandhi, Bismarck, Castro. The royal family Queen Victoria, King George VI, Prince Charles and William were and are left handed. Artists, Inventors, Writers, and Musicians like Aristotle, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Mozart, Beethoven, Tesla, Paul and Ringo and Jimmy Hendrix and scientists like Fleming, Newton, Einstein, Marie Curie and Tesla, writers like Lewis Carroll, HG Wells, Tolstoy, and Mark Twain. Actors Chaplin, DeNiro, Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Aykroyd, Angelina Jolie and base ball players, Yogi Berra, Wade Boggs, George Brett, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. In business Bill Gates and Henry Ford. Thank goodness for the left handed because the world would be a far different place without the contributions of the left handed. Letters to No one:If we were truly desperately trying to win this struggle, then why would we always call for a strategy that continually fails. When was the lasttime building a powerful transformative movement ever succeeded? Never, let’s see we may have on occasion won a battle or two but never the war. The Haymarket Battle in Chicago in the mid 1880's started a powerful transformative union movement but where is that union movement today 125 years later shredded in tatters. We may have made some progress only then to lose much of it. Two steps forward and one step back or two steps back. Maybe we should bring together this transformative movement and have a grand meeting and intelligently discuss our problems for another century, except we don't have a century. Maybe we should concentrate on ignoring any possible viable solutions and write some more books discussing the problems all the way to the bank so everyone will be so bummed outthat we can't even get our ass off the couch. Whose side are we on, theirs? When will we learn, we will never win their game, their ball, their ref's, their rules that they make up or change as need be, and they will do anything to win. When will we learn we need to invent our own game, then our game will kick their games ass. Quit sitting on your hands and remember don't forget to wash your thumbs real good. Walk on Water:Trying to bring people along in their thinking is more impossible than it seems.The majority of people have been thinking the same thing, the same way, since from the time they were in the womb, and they will change that way of thinking when they are in their tomb. It's been over 150 years since Darwin's theory went a long way to prove evolution and well over a decade since clowning, nearly 10 years since the human genome was mapped. Evolution and genetic science is proved and understood in a biological sense. There are kittens that glow in the dark. The outcome and the future of this knowledge is still and will be very much in that same darkness, yet over 50% of people don't believe in this science. There is no bringing them along. Many of the same people reject climate science and global climate change and they will never come along even if hell does freeze-over, so why waste time and effort trying to bring them along. Just leave them behind in the environmental desert that this world will likely become if we don't change our ways very soon. I am pretty sure if you look hard enough you could find people that still believe the world is flat, or the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars orbit the earth. Four centuries ago you might be burned at the stake or imprisoned and tortured if you did not believe Celestial Spheres Theory, as the Church of that day said to believe. Those people would rather believe a comic book is true over a science book, so leave then behind to "leap tall buildings in a single bound" or "walk on water". End Corporate Person-hoodMany economists and business people believe Free Market Capitalism is the best economic system ever invented and that may very well be true. But Free Market Capitalism is already dead and decomposing like some gold covered mummy waiting for someone to notice and place it within some hidden tomb. What we have now is called Corporate Capitalism. In free market capitalism, the customer is king, in corporate capitalism the corporation is pharaoh. Go to your neighborhood Super Store and buy a large sack of dog food, take it home open it up, it's 30% empty air, that's corporate capitalism. Several years ago one of the top executive from ADM, the multi-national agra-business was secretly taped recorded while price fixing the cost of soy beans with the Japanese and he said "The competition is your friend and the customer is the enemy", that's corporate capitalism. It is even worse today because of the recent "Citizens United" Supreme Court case. (Corporate Citizens) These giant multi-national corporations own the government more now than they always have. More and bigger is all they know. When corporations are people then people are paupers. End corporate person-hood before they end people person-hood. Over The Horizon In our ancient past, when food became scarce some ancient people moved on. The fear of depletion of resources was greater than the fear of the unknown. The young, the strong, the courageous and the intelligent left and the old, weak, timid and the less intelligent stayed. All of us who are here are descendants of those who moved on. Around 50,000+ years ago our ancestors left Africa, about 40,000+ years agohuman beings arrived in Australia. They followed the coast and hopped island to island on rafts. When they reached Timor an island where they could not see Australia they took a leap of faith. The fear of the known was more than the fear of the unknown. This is the model that has driven us here. There is no empty land left, but the idea is the same. Do we keep what we have though it's shrinking or do we move over the horizon into the unknown of the new. Those whose bellies are still full say stay here, those who are still hungry say leap into the future. As for me see you later, I think I see something over the horizon.

Conservative SyndromeFailure to adapt to changing environmental conditions quickly enough equals extinction. That is the law of nature, the conservative idea is to keep things as they are or in other words make a straight line to extinction and that is the destination for all conservatives but they will only be satisfied if they can bring us all with them. The Conservative Revolution really got started by Berry Goldwater in the late 50's and early 60's. They came to true power with Ronald Regan, and they have been in power since 1981, 30+ years. President Clinton and Obama are at best Moderate Republicans. President Carter was the last "Yellow Dog Democrat" in the White House. When he left office the US was the most powerful creditor nation on earth and the National Debt was around $900 Billion Dollars. When President Reagan left office we were the largest debtor nation on earth with a national debt of around $3 trillion dollars and now $15 trillion dollars and rising. Reaganomics and the trickledown effect said basically, if we cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy, if we reduce regulations on banks and big business and when the capitalist system is unrestrained, we would all be millionaires, so I checked my bank balance. They believed that by destroying the union movement with big business and the help of the union movement itself, and expanding the Military-Industrial Complex exponentially, then Corporate Capitalism would save the world. Every President since has marched by this drum to war, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq I, Yugoslavia, Iraq II, Afghanistan, Pakistan and our gun sites are on Iran sooner or later. We are now deep within the unending preemptive war on terror that they hope will never end, even with the death of Osama Bin laden. We are also at war with ourselves, we have our trade deals NAFTA, GATT, etc. that have decimated our manufacturing base. Our Trade representatives have said "they didn't care if we made Computer Chips or Potato Chips". Much of our exports have been shipping millions of good paying jobs to Japan, China, India, and Mexico, and we can't wait to send more to poorer nations. We have opened the borders to allow 12 million illegal aliens to work and live here, who often pay little or no taxes for the social services they receive. We have let the Multi-National Corporations and TBTFail Banks buy Congress and write the tax code, such that even though they hardly pay any taxes any more they still want more cut taxes, except for the military who have so many weapons systems, many they didn’t even ask for, that we can destroy the earth many times over. We can only destroy the whole planet once what the hell do we need more weapons for? Now we have the Grassroots Tea Party financed by billionaires such as the Koch Brothers and their front groups and think-tanks who want to drowned what's left of the government in a bathtub. We have highly sophisticated propaganda news channels leading millions like lemmings into the sea. Not to fear because now the President and the Congress are going to concentrate on creating jobs, but jobs for who and where is the question, not here or for us is the answer. The Reagan Revolution and the conservative movement has accomplished most of what they wanted. However they forgot one thing, that they never could have imagined and they still cannot imagine today, they were and are totally wrong about every idea they ever had and in their zealotry to save the world they have nearly destroyed the country and the planet. They are a mindless mob who's only solution is to tar and feather the truth. It may seem like things look pretty dark, so I am highly optimistic that we are on the verge of a new dawn and there is nothing that can be done to stop it, one way or the other. The only question worth asking or answering is what rises up from the ashes. Pay The Debt? Every member of Congress when elected takes an oath of office."I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic". Section 8 Clause 1 of the U.S.Constitution states among other things, "The Congress shall have the power to pay the debt of the United States". It does not say Congress shall have the power NOT to pay the debt of the United States. The framers of the Constitution could never have imagined that the Congress would refuse to pay the debt that they themselves had accrued. Anyone in Congress who votes not to pay the debt has broken that oath and is in fact a domestic enemy of the United States. Most of those obstructing raising the debt ceiling (which appears nowhere in the Constitution) have taken another oath as well, not to raise taxes. Grover Norquist apparently supersedes the U.S. Constitution. He is the tax lobbyist who said he wanted to "shrink the Government down to the size so he could drag it to the bathroom and drowned it in the bathtub". Bin Laden could not have said it better.What’s With Egypt?

What Happens in Egypt, Doesn't stay in Egypt. That is the palpable fear felt by Governments around the globe. China is censoring the word Egypt from the Internet like it's some kind of pariah. The price of oil and gold is going up, a good gage of the fear felt by marketeers. To them fear is money. A get it while you can mentality. The fear of what can happen when masses of people say enough, is spreading like some Internet Virus infecting and shaking the illusion of stability so cherished by authority. In Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel across the Middle East where most of the oil is they are wondering can it happen here and so here in the U.S. too, but our Government has nothing to worry about. We have a stable democracy where truth and justice prevail, where the American Dream stands on the rock of Liberty. Right?

Transformational President?One of the transformations President Reagan imposed was the purely political decision to launch the Space Shuttle Challenger into freezing high winds despite the objections of NASA Engineers. Despite the fact that the alloys in the rocket joints could and would fail in such hazardous temperatures and conditions. The President had planned to talk with school teacher Christa McAuliffe by phone that very night during the State of The Union Address. That was the overriding decision that caused the death of the Astronauts on that cold day in 1986. That was how Challenger was brought down to earth. In your Cover Story you noted top NASA Engineers lost their jobs but unfortunately Reagan kept his. Empty ChairIn Sweden, The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Liu Xiaobo a Chinese Free Speech Dissident. The award was placed on an empty chair because Bo is in prison in China. Over a billion people in China never heard the news, not on TV or the News Papers or the Internet, because "The truth will set you free"! I guess that's why "the truth must be so well guarded by lies". What good is free speech if all we hear are just free lies. Several months ago the whistle blowers web site Wikileaks posted a secret military video of a US Helicopter Gunship incrementally shooting and killing civilians on the street in Baghdad, including children and the ambulance crew that came to give aid. The military was not investigated for war crimes or murder, Wikileaks was investigated. There may have been a "designated terrorist target" on the street that day but there were definitely terrorists in the air. Wikileaks has also recently posted secret diplomatic cables of the naked unguarded truth and for that some in the US Government want to designate Wikileaks a terrorist organization, seizing it's assets, shutting it down and prosecuting it's leadership and supporters, not because they committed a terrorist act but because they exposed a terrorist act. That's what happens when Truth is Guarded with Lies and Free Speech is an Empty Chair. Sis Boom BaGovernor Rick Perry and our last governor, former President Bush have much in common, they don't like to debate or talk about their record and they were both cheerleaders in Collage. Cheering on the team is an important part of winning but it's not as important as being on the field playing in the game. Governor Perry's cheering experience has served him well, like being the head-cheerleader for building the Great NAFTA Toll Road, his big idea to bring products up from Mexico into the US and take our jobs back down south to Mexico. Some say the NAFTA Corridor is a dead project but it isn't, it's a zombie and if Governor Perry is re-elected he will dig it up. There is too much money to be made by the well connected real estate speculators that surround the Governor. When it comes to our jobs and the NAFTA Toll Road tell Governor Perry, if you build it they will go. There is a saying I've heard here in Texas "If you don't do politics, politics does you, so practice safe politics and vote". Vote No to The NAFTA Toll Road and to Governor Perry as well. Marriage in Heaven Mexican President Calderon and President Obama are working together on "comprehensive immigration reform", which is a euphemism for a federal state marriage. The US is the groom and Mexico is the bride, only thing this is a shotgun wedding and we never even kissed her. Fact is we don't even want to get married, for one thing this marriage will never last and the divorce will be messy. Who will be paying alimony and child support and you know there's no prenuptial agreement so who will walk away with half. I guess President Obama doesn't think wages are quite low enough yet or Social Security isn't quite insolvent enough and if President Calderon spent as much energy trying to fix his own country as he does trying to fix ours maybe the estimated 15 million of his citizens wouldn't be here illegally and might go back home. Personally I think Mexico should marry Brazil, now that's a match made in heaven. Government Hold’emIf our government were a deck of cards, and we threw that deck up in the air, it would fall back to earth in better order than what we now have, that sadly passes for government. For a government to be this dysfunctional takes great effort. Politicians and bureaucrats work around the clock 24-7 to achieve this degree impotent incompetence. It's not just the President and the Congress or the Courts, it goes all the way to the State and Local Governments and their example is emulated by business large and small. It all seems to be designed to run backwards, so that the simplest thing is almost impossible to get done, and if you manage somehow to get it done you will be so exhausted that it's totally impossible to change things. Thomas Jefferson wrote that when government becomes unresponsive to the need of the people "We the people have the right to alter or abolish it", so I bet we should just fold this dog hand we got here, shuffle a few times, cut and re-deal. Control Blowout DrillingThe disastrous blowout and fire spewing out unknown amounts of crude oil and natural gas into the Gulf of Mexico could very likely continue for months. As I used to work in the oil fields and know something about this subject, I would bet the eventual cause will be human error. If the blowout preventer is damaged or improperly installed the only way to stop the flow is to drill a "kill well" to intersect the original well bore near the bottom of the hole and pump heavy drill mud into the well, filling it from the bottom up. The fact that these accidents happen over and over is due to the "Hell Fighter" mentality of the oil field. If you look at the equipment used to drill today it is very similar to the rotary drilling done by those who drilled the Lucas Gusher over a hundred years ago. The new technologies we have are tacked onto the old methods like dancing shoes on dinosaurs. Until we change how we drill and what we are trying to do to get the oil and gas to flow out of the formation these accidents will continue. "Under Balanced Drilling" is the PC term for "Control Blowout Drilling" which is the alternative drilling philosophy we need to control these wells and redesign a safer more productive way we drill. Execute the Innocent

The US Supreme Court has granted a stay in the execution of Death Row Inmate Mark Skinner, convicted of the murders of his girlfriend and her children. The stay was granted because DNA evidence was not tested by the State and Governor Perry refused to act. That evidence may or may not exonerate Mr. Skinner. The incompetence of the State is a major reason the death penalty is unjust. Governor Perry's record on crime and punishment is also, clearly criminal. He has beyond a shadow of a doubt, executed an innocent man, accused of murdering his own children by burning down his own house. The evidence in that case has been refuted by numerous arson experts and the final investigation has been held up by Governor Perry. The Governor did pardon a convicted rapist when he was exonerated by DNA evidence. The man spent years in prison and by the time of the pardon had already died there. Being tough on crime is one thing but executing innocent people is called murder or at least negligent homicide although the Governor could just pardon himself of that crime. District Attorneys have a saying, "Any DA can convict the guilty but it takes a great DA to convict the innocent". Is that the justice we want in Texas?

Nuk’emThe last Nuclear Power Plants built in the 70's are still unfinished in the Northwestern United States. The project went by the acronym WOOPs, very fitting. The Nuclear Power Cabal is hard at work showing light hearted commercials on TV with upbeat jingles and dancing cartoon characters. It seem every generation we must relearn the painful lessons of the last. I worked for a short while (very short) on an outage at the Nuclear Power Plant south of Houston, Bay City, there is now another plant planed for that site. If there were ever a Chernobyl type accident at that site, Houston would be uninhabitable for the foreseeable future, just as the area around Chernobyl is still uninhabitable to this day over 20 years later. Some Nuclear Power proponents say an accident like that won't happen here although it very nearly did happen at Three Mile Island. Most people have to relearn that Brown and Root the ex-subsidiary of Halliburton the Vice Presidents old Company was building that Nuclear Plant south of Houston. Nuclear Power is a very complex technology that must be constructed to exact standards so says the NRC. Brown and Root did not see it that way and to save money they x-rayed one weld and submitted that x-ray over and over like they were x-raying each weld in the Reactor. A cracked weld could mean Chernobyl. When they were discovered quite far along in construction process the Power Plant had to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up with Union Labor, however today there is no Union left to speak of and Brown and Root has gone on to bigger and better and more profitable crimes. Nuclear waste is stored on site and every nuclear plant holds its own Radioactive waste. That Radioactive waste is supposed to go to the Nuclear Waste Site in Nevada's Yucca Mountain for permanent long term storage. That site on the Apache Reservation is not ready and may never be ready but no rush as Nuclear waste will be poisonous for a couple billion years. I suppose that fact is one the cartoon characters were unable to grasp; no matter we'll just keep dancing.The truth is a rainbowWaiting for us to pick a color To have freedom you need independence To have independence you need self-reliance To have self-reliance you need self-sufficiency With self-sufficiency you have liberty With liberty you have freedomTo stop freedom you need injustice To foster injustice you need fascist authority To have fascist authority you need intolerance and ignoranceTo have ignorance and intolerance you need lies and propaganda With lies and propaganda you stop freedom ©Copyright 2010 H. J. Ridley, Jr. Bomb China! I’m afraid we are going to have to go to war with China. It’s obvious they hate us and despise us and it’s not because of our freedom.It goes back to a basic premise of communist capitalism. “The competition is our friend the customer is our enemy.” They want to sell us everything we could possibly need or use, As well as everything we don’t need or use. Whenever you go to ChinaMart to make a purchase and take it home. Then it is an act of war to get into the package. It’s right there, you have it, you bought it, it’s yours, and you can see itBut China is in bondage as are their products. It’s like a see through bullet proof package. It’s like in some kind of a see through safe.You can’t get in there with a hack saw or a blow torch. I bought a toy fire truck for my son I thought it was freed from its prison. After 20 minutes I got it out of the plastic box with tin snips. I took off the twisty ties, and the staples, and then I pulled it off of its pedestal.That’s when I broke it because there were 4 hidden screws underneath. They were there for only one reason. An act of war! Who are we fighting? Last year we spent 1.9 million dollars a minute on the Defense Department of course it’s not the Defense Department but the Pre-emptive War Department. Our military is spread across our own country and well over 100 other countries across the globe. Our vast navy prowls all the oceans above and below the seas. We have so many Air Craft Carrier Groups in the Persian Gulf if Iran launched a missile blindfolded they would likely hit something. Who are we fighting many be a few thousand terrorists in some caves somewhere. We don’t need a war on terror we need a war on fear and greed. That’s the enemy destroying our country. We spent and borrowed over $976,151,986,000.00 dollars last year protecting our country from whom? If we cut 10% from the defense budget (remember the peace dividend) we could pay for health care for everyone. Another 10% we could educate everyone from head start to Pell Grants for Collage. Another 10% we could rebuild our infrastructure and a green economy too. Who are we fighting? Ourselves! The universe it just too simple for us to understand! When we look for complex complicated systems we find complex complicated problems. Nature appears complex and complicated because of multiple layers of simplicity, one layered over another. The atom of Uranium is complex until you back up to the atom of Hydrogen. The computer is a complex complicated machine but it really counts from zero to one binary code. The most difficult mathematical problems are solved by reducing them down to more simple terms and then are solved. We feel most in tune with the cosmos when we calm and slow our minds and imagine nothing. The Goddess dwelled peacefully in heaven for well beyond eternityAs eternity is a good while she grew weary and decided to rest for just a momentShe laid down and soon fell fast asleep and she dreamed Of time and space and the universe and all things that have ever been or will ever beMay she slumber long for when she awakes Like all dreams we shall return to the empty nothing from which we cameAnd our Goddess will say oh what a strange dream


We the People:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Justice Under Law, Provide for the Common Defense, Promote the General Welfare. We march down this road of lofty ideas and just because they are beyond our reach, does not mean we should not reach! We have gotten away from the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, they have become words that when it suits them, the Government doesn’t even consider any more, except in how to get around them. The Government works for the Military, the Military works for the Defense Contractors, they all work for the Multi-National Corporations and who works for We the People, no one. These most powerful and corrupt public and private institutions have no foundation in the Constitution but through the subversion of that sacred document. That mostly started with the 14th Amendment, the very amendment ratified to end slavery has been used through corrupt misrepresentation and misinterpretation to continue and support economic slavery. The phrase “No person shall be denied equal protection under the law”. It’s pretty straight forward except in the eyes of corporate lawyers and the corporate Supreme Court Judges. These people have decided to re-write the Constitution by obfuscation and subversion. The criminal offence began in 1886 before the ink was dry on the 14th Amendment in the case of Santa Clara County V. Southern Pacific Railroad concerning local property taxes. At the conclusion of that case the Court Clerk wrote the head note which is a representation of the case, although the case did not concern corporate personhood clerk JC Bancroft Davis who had previously been a corporate officer in a railroad inserted the phrase, "The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does." This head note is the basis for corporate personhood which had nothing to do with this particular case nor what the judges said. From this false interjection we have corporations granted all the rights of personhood but with very few responsibilities of such. The right of a cooperation to demand a drug test before hiring or any time thereafter has its basis in this head note. That a corporation can take that sample of urine or blood which contains your complete genetic map and do as it wishes with such a sample is not questioned. They could sell that information to an insurance company that will deny you a policy. Which I’m pretty sure they already do or will do when they erase more of the Bill of Rights or Constitution. The rights of the personhood of the corporation supersedes the rights of the citizen. To work, we are required to provide evidence against ourselves, without due process. The courts have said that constitutional right is just to protect us from the government not us from a corporation. “Cruel and unusual punishment” while this amendment is to protect us from torture and other abuse which is rendered meaningless under “The Patriot Act” as shown by the imprisonment of Bradley Manning the US solider who has been held in solitary confinement for nearly two years before trial. It also means that although Marijuana is considered a very minor offence in most every state, a corporation can deny you a job or the ability to work for one nano-gram of pot residue in your own body. That is one billionth of a gram. The recent Supreme Court decision by the right wing corporate judges in “The Citizens United Case”, which was concerning corporate citizens, has said corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money in election campaigns, this includes foreign corporations, say from China. These donations do not have to be made public, secret foreign money to influence our elections is justice and free speech in the majority opinion of this Supreme Court. This is equal justice under law? The symbolic statue of Lady Liberty with a blindfold and a sword and a scale is no longer accurate unless you add a pile of money to one side of the balance scale. Money is free speech! Of course money is everything here in the US even though our money is actually based on nothing but empty value. “Nothing is everything” it’s newspeak that Orwell could not have written any better. The way to change this grave injustice against our liberty would not be so difficult if it weren’t for the unchecked power of the very corporations that crush our given rights under foot. One little word added to the 14th Amendment, instead of “No person shall be denied equal protection under law”, if it should say “No NATURAL PERSON shall be denied equal protection under law” because a natural person cannot be a cooperation. Do we really think it is possible for “We the People” to add one single word to our own Constitution, very unlikely because that one word would overturn the entire apple cart of Corporate Personhood. A sign at the Occupy Wall Street Protest said “I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one”.The Problem with the Solution The democratic problem is a problem of education and knowledge or wisdom and information. When these factors are manipulated it becomes more difficult for a majority population to know what they want to vote for or how they should vote to best insure their own self interests. That’s how and why people vote against themselves. That is also why we have free speech and a free press or why we don’t. Generally people are so easily led astray because they want to believe, so if you say you will give them what they already want and say what they already expect to hear then they will agree until it’s too late (i.e.Nazis) or until the next generation or two has to relearn the same lesson again. “One step up two steps back”. That is the reason for the degradation of the education system, the power of religion, the massive amount of advertising and propaganda and the National Security Secrecy. If we knew, it might be different. That is also why in the government for the most important efforts to succeed it takes a 2/3rds majority to pass, when barely 1/3rd can or will understand the problem. The amount of effort and energy it takes for 1/3rd to convince the other 1/3rd on a subject insures there is no steam left for movement. If in a democracy you are 2/3rds or more wrong all the time you will fail which is the purpose of democracy. Too insure a 2/3rds or better rate of failure insures failure. When democracy fails plutocracy succeeds. If we had an educational system that promoted independent critical thinking or if we had a free press that printed or televised the truth, if our religious organizations were not in desperate competition and if for sure they were not at war with each other and also if we had a government that was open and transparent to a great extent, we could have a democracy. It is no wonder there are no trees in this desert. When you think what others refuse to think and you are willing to say what others will not say, then you raise yourself up above that fray and become a clear target for those who wish such things not be said nor thought. The problem with the solution is it solves the problem. Those in power need the problem so they can continue to promise to fix the problem and every time something happens that shows their incompetence they use that excuse to demand more power. The FBI, the CIA and the NSA could not prevent 9-11 or so they said, therefore they need the Patriot Act to insure they won’t let it happen again till they think they need more power for some other disaster that they won’t or can’t prevent. The reason they failed is because they didn’t have enough power. This is a conflict between the haves and the have not’s. It’s not class warfare, it’s class genocide. Those who have, have wealth, power, and education, all they lack is any wisdom. Those who have not, have the experience to see what is going on and some wisdom to understand but they don’t have the wealth, power, or education to do much about the situation. So it is, generation after generation and for all the ways the situation has improved, the improvement has had little benefit for the masses. It’s better but it’s still getting worse at the same time. It’s the trickle up.Three Thirds!One third of our problem is physiological so once we get a viable solution that looks like it will work that fact alone will turn us around on this march head long to disaster. One third of our problem is energy if we find a new way to supply the energy we need, we have not only turned around but we will be going in the right direction very quickly. One third of our problem is changing the way we live on a planetary scale. We change the way we live by changing the way we build. There is no reason to manufacture and ship what we need all over the world when we can make most all of it in our back yard or next door, or down the street, or in the neighborhood. When we get this vision off the ground we will realize we don’t need the top twenty percent of the economic leaders no bankers no corporations no insurance companies and very little government, no armies, navies, air forces if everyone is generally cared for there is no reason to fight. Everything we need is here once we prove the viability of the plan and as the old world collapses, there will be a lot of material with which to recycle into the new world. There is every reason in this world to make this happen. We reshuffle the deck. The alternative will make the current system obsolete. It won’t even be a hard thing to do. The time has come and everybody knows it. We are ready. You say what a fool. I say the fool is he who continues down the path we are on now. When we have the Personal Robotic Revolution up and running, it will be the alternative model it will be proven to be far superior to the existing model. When that becomes apparent the existing model will implode and with some luck we can have the new way up before the old way dies off. Then we will be the final nail in that coffin. The poor and the middleclass have no investments in the stock market or government bonds, when we are mostly self-sufficient let them fall. Who loses their investments are those who have enough to invest. They know the risks they get what they deserve. Tomorrow is a new day we just have to hold on and we might come out on top for once in history. Because something doesn’t happen today just means it is more likely to happen tomorrow and every day it doesn’t happen is a day closer to the day it does, good or bad. If you believe as I do that you or I have a solution that is viable and workable and the reality of our situation here on our planet is getting worse by the day, then at first it’s frustrating to be ignored or rejected but quickly that frustration and rejection has to be channeled into determination and persistence because frustration never helps, so I concentrate on the fact that maybe I’m just so smart that nobody believes I know what I’m talking about because they are so stupid and ignorant and it’s not their fault they are a pack of dumb asses. I have made an effort for years now to try to get heard, to try to get someone to listen with absolutely no success but I am not discouraged I don’t care if anyone gets it or not that’s them, I am not responsible for them, I am responsible for me and that I should do my best until the day I die or am no longer able to continue on. There will be plenty of time to give up when I’m dead. I have written hundreds of letters and emails and sent them to people in the government in business, venture capitalist, angel investors with no response. I have been to Washington DC several times I have been to the office of several congressmen and senators as well. I hand delivered an unsealed letter to Hillary Clinton’s office her staff thanked me for not sealing it as that was when the DC snipers were shooting up the area and everyone was pretty up tight. I didn’t blame them, I was ducking behind the car when I got gas myself. I have sent emails to people who seem to be concerned and knowledgeable about the problems we face, no response. I have made a point to go to book signings and lectures in my area and out of the area to hand deliver letters about my work and ideas without response, to people such as Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Michael Moore, George Soros, Lester R. Brown, Eugene Robinson and even Ed Begley, Jr. They all talk and whine endlessly all the way to the bank about our problems over and over and never a solution one, if you’re are going to get rich promoting problems endlessly you should use some space for solutions. It’s no wonder nothing gets done and little progress is made when the very voices that get heard and the people who could help do something or get something started can’t see beyond their own little bull shit world. They should all quit sitting on their hands and go wash their thumbs real good as well. I have tried to contact a hundred foundations that get tax breaks to do good work. Those billionaires who spend their lives driving their competition into the dirt and screwing everyone they can so they can then create a foundation and try to buy back their souls. Good luck with that. So it’s up to me but what can I do that I haven’t already tried. I just get up every day and try something else. If your trying to do something that is very difficult or you’re not quite smart enough to know it’s impossible you just continue on and understand that really it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that does count. One time years ago my wife was watching Tech TV so they had a contest VC want you, you get to go pitch your idea to some Venture Capitalist and so she sent my business plan in, this was before the dotcom bubble burst. They emailed back that out of all the plans from across the country we won the contest so I came home from work and she was all excited and I said what’s up she said we won the VC want you contest, I sent your business plan. I was from the 60’s she was from the 90’s so I ask why the Viet Kong wanted me, she said VC stands for Venture Capitalist, and I said I’d rather deal with the Viet Kong. Then the dotcom popped and we never heard another thing. I wrote to a very rich lawyer in our area who made millions off of Asbestos cases and I got a call from his secretary saying he wanted to talk to me I said great she said we’ll call on Monday. I told my wife they will never call. She said I was so pessimistic about everything and I said realistic. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday no call so I called got an answering machine. They wouldn’t even answer the phone, No response, I know the important word in the phrase no response is not response. I found out later his security guy was an ex-FBI Agent who knew me personally, I shot one of his snitches one time but that’s another story. There is always something in the way of success always a bolder of apathy or a lethargic mass of stupidity. HELLO NICE WEATHERHello Nice weather good day What you know what you say I ain’t seen you since who knows when Hello how you doing how you been We say hello we say good bye We couldn’t make it any simpler if we try Adios so long see you later I’m gone Arrivederchi bon voyage now on down the road

Baby chio Aufweidersehen till we meet again

We say Hello we say good bye We couldn’t make it any simpler if we try Au Revoie adios let’s just drink one more good bye toast To the best poets never read The best music a forgotten sound Best words never said true mystery never found Great beauty rarely notices great truth seldom seen To great meaning everywhere If we only knew what it all could mean When the best loves go bad And that’s what makes them good That it could really be that sad It only knows it should There’s no need to click your heels there’s no need to scoff We sail around this old world one day we just fall off So if we should ever pass sailing through our fate Maybe we should change our course at last before it is too late To say Hello to say good bye we couldn’t make it any simpler if we try Aloha Aloha Aloha copyright 1994 H. J. Ridley, Jr. The Ideasphere Sometimes I pick-up some idea from the ideashpere and there is no way to know if it's right or wrong which means it’s very likely wrong but I think about them anyway. As I am surely no Leo Szilard or Nikola Tesla but I do very much admire those type people. Recently at the CERN Collider they may have just checked a burst of particles going faster than the speed of light. Einstein wasn’t always right either. Szilard the great invented the Cyclotron Collider, Electron Microscope and almost all of the Atomic Bomb. No Peace Prize for him! Spring Theory it's a P not a T & The Time Circuit Some ideas cannot be shown to be true or false so there is no way to even know. It’s just a mystery then you just think yourself into an unending repeating circle, round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows. In subatomic particle physics there is String Theory, I don’t really understand it and I don’t know if anyone does, but supposedly the smallest parts in the Universe are vibrating strings of energy or something like that I guess. Subatomic Physics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics theories are so freaky and bizarre that you might not have to be a Physicist to think about them, you may just have to be freaky and bizarre. So String Theory should be Spring Theory it’s a P not a T. Some old Chinese Philosopher maybe Lao Tzu said "As above so below" meaning the Universe on the giant scale is modeled the same as the Universe on the smallest scale. If such is the case we have Black Holes, Spiral Galaxies, Quasars, Pulsars and our Solar System. We have Cyclonic Storms, Hurricanes and Tornado's, we have the water flowing down the drain in your bathtub, we have sea shells, the Cornucopia, we have the double helix of DNA and atoms and electrons orbiting the nucleolus, all in the shape of springs, so therefore we have Spring Theory, all across the Universe of Physics. Physics looks for symmetry in the Universe, one side is a mirror image of the opposite side, gravity and anti-gravity, Matter and Anti-matter, Quarks and anti-quarks or whatever, your face, one side looks like the other side, hopefully, our bodies and so on. Now there is no symmetry in the Big Bang, it just all comes out of some tiny point to expand into the known Universe. It wasn’t there then bang it was there. The idea of symmetry in the Big Bang should be somehow. So the “time circuit idea” is where on our side of the universe time flows relatively forward and on the back side of the universe time flows backwards. The big bang is the power source, each moment in time is the light bulb shinning and the ground is the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way which is the Circuit back to the Big Bang. Every Black Hole acts by ingesting and compressing space-time and energy-matter down and crushing it beyond space-time and extruding it back in time to emerge as the Big Bang. Where micro space and macro space are tangent, beyond space is the back side of the time circuit where all history un-happens maybe at once until it emerges again as the Big Bang. If you imagine growing larger and larger to infinity and at the same time growing smaller and smaller to infinity, then you imagine that macro space-time is curved and micro space-time is curved and space-time is really finite then maybe macro space- time and micro space-time are tangent, they meet, they cross, they are the same outside of space-time. If macro space is expanding and micro space is contracting, then time is expanding and contracting forward and backward simultaneously somehow. Space-time, and energy-matter escape from the Big Bang out into macro-space and S-T&E-M are ingested in all of the total sum of the Black Holes in the Universe and are extruded beyond micro space-time and ejected back in time to produce the Big Band. S-T&E-M flow two ways and act as a circuit and an un-circuit simultaneously emerging from the B- B into macro S-T and returning through the B-H into Un-Space and Back-time. The physicist say the universe is expanding and accelerating which makes no sense as it should be slowing down. It seems the universe does what it wants to do no matter what we think it should do. What else might it be doing that would be weird but explain what is apparently happening. Maybe the universe is breathing. In one part expanding and another part contracting, so it’s expanding but not speeding up we are shrinking. If the universe can expand why can’t it contract as well? Where is dark matter, where is the dark energy? Maybe it’s on the back side of the time circuit traveling back to the big bang. The universe is speeding up because time speeds up on the largest scale and slows down on the smallest scale. So you’re sitting at the breakfast table and on your plate is a donut and you gaze down into the donut hole. You imagine yourself getting smaller and smaller down into the hole. You shrink and shrink on and on almost down to infinity. You are so small that there is a plate with a donut on it. Morning Star How long till the dawn It cannot be so far
When low in the evening sky Shines bright to morning star
When the moon tells no tale When the stairs will not be heard
Then with just a kiss from the lips of your love
Venus whispers her soft spoken word
And why is love that is not known What is love that is not shown
Where is love when love lays all alone Then two are one where love is sown
Like flowers face the morning sun There is the place love is grown
Love is the thing that makes us whole
Love is the song we sing to the soul
Love isn’t right love isn’t wrong In the light of day or the darkest night long
It’s not what we see It’s not what we feel It’s not what we say that makes it so real
But together love is the light that forever shines our way
©Copyright 1994 H.J Ridley, Jr.
Rodeo Clown

He just trails the circuit rolling town to town

He always keeps a smile underneath a frown

And he’s looking kind of funny except when a cowboy gets thrown down

That’s when they all call that old rodeo clown

He wears bright baggy clothes and a floppy straw hat

He’s got a pet skunk that’s really a painted cat

Them mean old bulls don’t like him none he don’t show no fear

He grabs them by the tail and slaps them on the ear

And they try to stomp him with a hoof or hook him with a horn

But he always gets away cause he just don’t give a darn

And the crowd they all love it he gets applause all around

He’s the one they want to see that old rodeo clown

And he know every trick there is in the trade

From making every mistake he could have ever made

And he always makes the cowgirls laugh and always treats them nice

And if they ever ask him he could give them some real good advice

When their hearts are broken and their world ain’t spinning around

That’s when they all call that old rodeo clown

Because he loved her so they were roped and tied and bound

It tore their lives like pieces of paper thrown on the ground

He picked them all up taped them back together and found

All he wanted to do was play a rodeo clown

And trail the circuit rolling town to town

Always keep a smile underneath a frown

Looking kind of funny but when a cowboy gets thrown down

That’s when they all call that old rodeo clown

And when the show is over and the arena’s empty

The wind makes a lonely whistling sound

And the only one still standing there is that old rodeo clown copyright 1994 H. J. Ridley, Jr. Finally Know

Now I think I finally know It doesn’t seem so long ago

That we were young and innocent and so naive

With all our heart and all our soul somehow we could believe

That we would never part and you could never leave

But you were going on so fast and I was coming on so strong

That all we have between us now is long since passed and gone

In between dusk and dawn you were right and I was wrong

But everything from dawn to dusk I remember just the two of us

And now I think I finally see all I’ve missed and never seen

You came back home to me last night and kissed me in a dream

And now I think I finally see everything you’ve come to mean to me

And now I think I finally know Maybe that is why you had to go copyright 1994 H.J. Ridley, Jr. These Dreams

From the beginning to the end

It always comes back to you again

How long will I keep these dreams of loving you

Midnight I sleep at dawn I wake

Little difference can I make between the two

Why is the question that I wish I knew

Why it’s you who’s always there

Why it’s me to always care

Why I dream of loving you

Like it’s the only thing that I can do

Like singing a song just off key

Without you it sounds all wrong to me

Falling for you happened so fast

There’s just no way that I could make it last

All I do to keep you it seems

Is hold you so tight all night while I sleep in my dreams

Tell me how long does it take to make make-believe come true

When I can’t forget when I don’t want to stop

When I can’t awake from these dreams of loving you copyright 1994 H.J. Ridley, Jr. You’re Always There

When you used to come and see me

I thought we would always care

Cause when I felt I was all alone

I would look and you’d be there

Still mine was always mine

Yours was always yours

And time was the only thing

We had no time to share

Still you’re always there

Even though it never comes out even

Even though it never comes out fair

To win at love is just another gamble

But to lose is just a dare

When you’re always there

And you don’t ever come to see me

You don’t care if I should go

You don’t ever say good bye to me

And when I get there you never say hello

Cause your always there

Maybe someday around some corner

Or up around some lonesome bend

I hope sometime we find some time to say hello again

When you’re always there Copyright 1994 H.J. Ridley, Jr. Nancy Tevis

Miss Nancy wasn’t fancy she never fixed up her hair

She was too poor to dress up for Sunday so she pretended like she didn’t care

She’d slap you faster than a wild bobcat and cuss you to your face

Turn around and storm away acting like she’s lacking grace

Old Noah took Miss Nancy softly by the hand

If she would be his wife he would take her to the promised land

At least that was his plan

So they left the hills of Tennessee for the East Texas Piney Woods

Life there would be free easy rich and good

But Noah left Miss Nancy on the Neches River banks

First he gave her eight children then he tells her thanks

He didn’t think they all were his or he just had to go

Worst mistake he ever made he would never live to know

The blackest gold in all of Texas was under that dirt potato farm

Where nothing wouldn’t grow the first well blew out right through his barn

And me I don’t know nothing but what I have been told

Ms Nancy had a bank for her money and another for her gold

She had a bank just to hold her gold

Ms Nancy wasn’t fancy she rarely fixed up her hair

She didn’t dress up on Sunday because she didn’t have a care

Way down here in East Texas we don’t never tell a lie

We call it all the truth all we do is Texify Copyright 1994 H.J. Ridley, Jr. Out Beyond The Wall

Out beyond the wall veterans of the trees

Fall down to their knees they cruse and pound the ground

For all of the dead buried there that need not make a sound

They all lived in them younger days In them younger days

And that memory will not fade away

When they laughed at death and then they cried

When they fought then they bled and they died

They thought there was some reason but every reason lied

In the steamy green of the jungle they got to take some hill some hill

They don’t know why they have to die or they have to kill

What was that reason for they don’t know still

When war is not a war the reason is hard to find

For all of those they lost and all they left behind

Out beyond the wall veterans of the trees

Fall down to their knees and call out dear God please

For all of those they lost and all they left behind call out dear God please Copyright 1994 H.J. Ridley, Jr. Captain Jack

Captain Jack he came back from that old civil war

And he was kind of thirsty kind of tired and kind of sore

I’ll have a shot of whiskey bar keep points to the sign above the door

He says Captain down here in the South they don’t let us make that any more

Well Old Black Jack Daniels he decides right then and there

He knew the South had lost the war but this here just ain’t fair

So he headed back up in the woods back up in the hills

And before you know it here and there he commanded twenty stills

Well they almost had another Civil War there outside Lynchburg Tennessee

When Captain Jack he came back he said give us death or give us whiskey

When it was finally over and all was said and done

Was the second Civil Was that almost was Guess who finally won

So here’s a toast to the ghost of Captain Jack Daniels

I bet he’s doing well cause we don’t need to rise again when I ain’t never fell

Well I might have stumbled and staggered but I don’t recall I fell

So Captain Jack he came back from that old Civil War

And he was kind of thirsty kind of tired and kind of soar

I’ll have a shot of whiskey bar keep grabs a bottle and starts to pour

Say here’s a double on the house Cause free is what freedoms for Copyright 94 HJRII . Letters to the Editor: War, Iran, Oil? President Bush is low in the polls and nothing seems to be working right in his administration, a trigger happy vice president, the United Arab Emirates ports deal, a criminal adviser, leaking like the Titanic. He thinks he has one way out, that old reliable – go to war, again, rally around the flag and our president. Who’s next, North Korea? Sorry, no oil, Sudan? Sorry that’s only genocide. Iran? Yeah, yeah, Iran, oil and terrorist, Muslims too, exactly. Israel attacks and we have to defend our ally. Call in the “bunker busters”! If I were unfortunate enough to live in Iran, I would want some weapons systems too. The non-proliferation treaty says if non-nuclear countries don’t build atomic bombs we will give up ours. As we are building new weapons such as the low-yield atomic bunker buster, why do we insist that they, the Iranians, must conform and only them, not Pakistan, not North Korea, not Israel? The Bush Administration’s Foreign Policy can be described in two words: Kill them. Republican Lobbyist Reform Thenselves? The foxes say they want to reform the henhouse. In other words those in the Republican Party say they want to reform lobbying. How do you reform bribery? Perhaps by not letting the lobbyist write the legislation, perhaps by allowing time for the lawmakers to actually read the legislation they pass or maybe by not secretly tacking on pork projects to bills that have already been voted on. They may make ex-legislators wait five minutes before they become lobbyists. Not! For the Republicans to reform lobbying would be like electing crack heads to reform the Drug Enforcement Administration. Give War A Chance? Our situation in Iraq reminds me of that old arcade game where you use a wooden hammer to pound a little animal that pops up out of one hole and then another. You hit here, he’s over there. You hit Baghdad, he’s on he’s in Baqubah. You pound Anbarm he’s in Tikrit. It’s the flip side of Vietnam. If we had not gotten out of Vietnam, they would still be fighting us over there. People say let’s fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. Since we left Vietnam that country has not attacked us once. Those “Give war a chance” people don’t mind cutting and running into war. Those are people who would rather have our troops be wounded or killed than swallow their pride and say it’s over, we lost, we were wrong and incredibly stupid. If we spent 1% of what we spend warring over oil on solving our energy problems, then there would be no need in “blood for oil”. Land of Greed and Honey: I have to disagree with the Bush, Kennedy, Clinton, poverty worker amnesty and open border immigration policy. However I have to admire those who marched on May Day, May 1st. We could learn something from them. The fact that they could assemble, march and exercise free speech without fear while most essentially are criminals, is called freedom, the best reason for wanting to be here and the other fact that we have become the land of greed and honey. The Mexican Government imposes such poverty on its own people to drive them away like some refugee horde. Our Government ships our jobs to China or India or anywhere then they import illegal’s to work here and call it trade policy. The Declaration of Independence says “promote the general welfare”. That means the general welfare of U.S. citizens. Using the other economic whip they say the price of oil is just market forces, exactly fear and greed. When you enflame the Middle East, you fabricate fear, planned fear. Oil and fear equals profit. What a sweet crude policy – at least for them. The President of the U.S. or Mexico? President Bush seems ready to make nice, don’t believe it. Three days after the midterm election, he met with the new President of Mexico. I guess they needed to swap notes on how to steal elections and plan the new free citizenship laws to go with the free trade agreements so our country can be modeled to be more like Mexico. They already have moved 10% of the Mexican population here, to our country. The immigrants are taking government benefits for themselves and adding benefit to the employers they work for, while paying very little in taxes. They call it economic competition. Americans pay almost half of what we make in one kind of tax or another. They cut one tax for the rich and raise two taxes on us and call it tax reform. Illegal immigrants pay little in taxes, they take our jobs and they keep our wages low. Talk about taxation without representation, well, we’ve got it. Many Americans were and are against the North American Free Trade Agreement and the other free trade agreements, they haven’t been free for us, or them. This President and new Congress should tend to the people’s business – the people being the citizens of our country and not Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Mexico, and not the multi-national corporations as well. Back up Electronic Voting: What would happen if I went to the ATM machine outside my bank, put in my card and PIN number and got some cash but no receipt? I would push the button to speak with the teller. What if she said the bank is run by an infallible super computer so we don’t need a receipt anymore and if I want to know how much I have in my account just call them and they will tell me? If that happened we all would find another bank. The right to vote is the keystone to all democracy. Electronic voting machines that many voters will use in the next election have no paper record. Their inner workings are a proprietary trade secret, and only company employees can work on the machines. It has been shown that they can easily be manipulated – the machines and the employees. Who in our democracy decided that voting machines didn’t need a reproducible trail for a documented recount? If you want to know who won the election, call Diebold Inc. and ask they will tell you. You might ask them why their ATMs have a paper receipt but they didn’t think their e-voting machines needed one. With these e-voting machines, don’t be surprised if George W. Bush is elected to a third term as president. War is Business: The cost of the war in destroyed lives cannot be calculated and it is hard to tally how much we spend on our military because intelligence budgets are secret. However it’s around $12,000.00 a second, more than $1billion a day. That’s big business and big business is what our government cares about most of all. When the reason for war always is changing it is because there is no reason but one, “It’s the economy stupid”. When your product is weapons then you have to keep going back to war repeatedly. War is the un-answer, it is the ultimate failure for all but the profiteers. Our country has come from muskets and cannons to ICBMs and H-Bombs in 230 years. Across the Potomac from the Lincoln Memorial next to Arlington National Cemetery is the Marine Corps War Memorial, a large statue of U.S. Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi during World War ll. On the base of that statue is inscribed every action the U.S. Marines have been in since 1776. The list wraps around several times. We have been at war with someone for 230 years. Our expertise has brought us to the point of warring the entire planet into a burnt cinder. These war profiteers are not laughing all the way to the bank, they are laughing all the way to the graveyard. Failure is Certainty: Conservatives have been in power for 25 years now, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday Ronald Reagan was taking office with his devotion to, trickle-down, supply-side, voodoo economics. The S&L meltdown, five wars and more on the way, all undeclared. The national debt was below a trillion dollars in 1981, now it’s near 10 trillion. Iran Contra, a couple of space shuttle crashes, no unions or defined benefit pensions, health care through the roof, the Contract on America and the Clinton Impeachment. Jobs for China or importing illegal’s to work here. Dirty politics, dirty air and dirty water. Global warming ignored evaporating middle class, falling wages, tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, corporations offshore that don’t pay taxes at all. Pre-empitive war based on lies and oil. Oil company profits up, up up and $100.00 per barrel for oil soon. Democracy in the Middle East just around the corner. Bill O’Reilly. Sexual harasser, Bill Bennett, gambling addict Rush Limbaugh, drug addict, President Bush m convicted drunk driver and draft evader. Once conservatives get through saving the world there won’t be much left to save, except marriage, the flag, and the unborn. So keep up the good work, as failure is not an option. For conservatives it’s not an option it’s a certainty. Health Care System is Critical: The health care system in our country is quite ill. I recently had a minor surgery and spent one day in the hospital. The bill was $33,000.00, a thousand dollars an hour, and that was just the hospital. The President says he and his akministration are determined to change the health care system, although with every step he seems to be backing up. This effort is becoming a health insurance company bailout to go along with the banking and auto bailout. The problem in Washington D.C. is every time a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” to do good work, there are nine Mr. Joneses already there to stop him. Washington it seems is not a place where good work gets done but more so a place where good works gets stopped from being done. In our democracy, the majority of our citizens are opposed to the trade agreements like NAFTA, so we have NAFTA. We are against corporate domination of our government, so we have corporate domination of government. We are against open borders and outsourcing our jobs. We are against the wars in Iraq Afghanistan, Pakistan, and we are for healthcare reform. They are batting 1,000 we are batting 0. Change: President Obama was an exceptional campaigner with very powerful rhetoric, a good used car salesman, but as is often said “actions speak louder than words”. He campaigned on three words, change, change, change and he has kept his promise. He has changed his mind on almost every promise he made. Health care reform he changed from single-payer to selling out the weakest public option until it’s an insurance company option. Closing Guantanamo, going nowhere. Bill of Rights abuses by the Bush-Cheney administration, largely still on place. Trillion-dollar bailout for the banks, part two, tough regulations, part none. Troops in Iraq, still there, more going. Troops in Afghanistan, still there, thousands more going. Nobel Peace Prize, give a good speech. Unemployment, it’s going to get worse before it gets even worse. The great recession, it’s over. At least for the corporate rich. Talk is cheap, especially when that’s almost all you do. Military Spending More? Who are we fighting? Last year we spent $1.9 million dollars a minute on the Defense Department, or the Pre-Emptive War Department. Our military is spread across our own country and over 100 other countries around the globe. Our vast Navy prowls all oceans above and below the waves. There are so many aircraft carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf that if Iran were so foolish as to launch a missile blind folded they would likely hit something. We have enough destructive military power to end the world several times over. Who are we fighting a few thousand terrorists in some caves somewhere? We don’t need a war on terror as much as we need a war on fear and greed. That is the enemy that is destroying our country. Last year we spent $976,151,986,000.00 on offence. If we cut our military budget by 10% we could pay for health care reform, another 10% we could pay for education from Head Start to Pell Collage Grants for everyone who needs one, another 10% we could rebuild our infrastructure and a green economy too and still have the largest military in the world. Who are we fighting, ourselves! Connect the Dots: Former Vice President Cheney has risen from the crypt to point his finger and say I told you so. His only disappointment seems to be that the Christmas Day bombing attempt of Northwest flight 253 failed. He was co-president of the most disastrous administration in the history of our country and was unable to stop the 9-11 attacks. But he is someone we need to listen to, being an expert at failure on a grand scale. Government spends $ 30 billion or so tax dollars every year on our intelligence agencies. But you don’t get what you pay for, whatever it is. The father of the Christmas day bomb suspect warned our embassy in Africa. They keep the secrets to themselves. They even keep them from each other. The information that the 9-11 terrorists learned to fly airliners right here and didn’t care about learning how to land didn’t get passed on. Phone taps from Sudan with important information didn’t get passed on. The F.B.I. had an informant in the group of Terrorists. One of the hijackers’ hotel could be seen from the N.S.A. building in Maryland, they didn’t look out the window. No one connected the dots. Now we have a repeat with the Christmas hijacker. As a kid I had some of those connect-the-dot games. They are not that hard. It’s no wonder people who are a little paranoid see conspiracies. Do those in the intelligence agencies want these things to happen, are they looking the other way, or are they just incompetent? Citizens Un-united: The U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled that corporations have free speech rights that allow them to spend unlimited amounts of money to express those rights. Even foreign corporations can now essentially buy or bribe candidates in our elections. At the peak of the mountain of mistakes the Supreme Court has made over the years is the Dred Scott case in 1857. In that case the court reaffirmed slavery, calling people property. In 1886 the court allegedly ruled that corporations were people in Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad. The 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution to nullify the Dred Scott case. Southern Pacific used the 14th Amendment to argue equal justice, it won that case, which was about property taxes. The court reporter, Bancroft Davis (former head of the New York Railroad) wrote the Head Note Summery of the case. It was the Head Note, not the actual case that claimed corporate personhood. These justices are the very same people who complain about judges making law from the bench. That the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn 100 years of precedent in restricting corporate campaign donations on a Head Note written by a court reporter is unbelievable and deserves malicious contempt of court. Left Loss: Howard Zinn died on January 27th. He was an inspiration to a lot of people. He was a U.S. Army Air Corps bombardier in World War ll, then later he became a peace activist, a civil rights activist and a social change activist. He was a professor of history at Boston College who made some history of his own. He was one of those liberal college professors so disliked by the “fair and balanced gang”. He was also the author of several books, including “A Peoples History of the United States”, which is a book of the history left out of high school and college history studies. It’s a book of history from the viewpoint of the Native Americans, African Americans, the women’s movement, the labor movement, and regular everyday extraordinary people. It is not a history from the corporate capitalist or the U.S. Government’s point of view to “his-story”. They have and need a thousand history books to explain what happened, how it happened, and how we got here. We need only a handful and at the top of that short list is “A Peoples History”. Control Blowout Drilling: The disastrous blowout and fire spewing out unknown amounts of crude oil and natural gas into the Gulf of Mexico could very likely continue for months. As I used to work in the oil fields and know something about this subject, I would bet the eventual cause will be human error. If the blowout preventer is damaged or improperly installed, the only way to stop the flow is to drill a “Kill Well” to intersect the original well bore near the bottom of the hole and pump heavy drill mud into the well, filling it from the bottom up.The fact that these accidents happen over and over is due to the “Hell Fighter” mentality of the oil field. If you look at the equipment used to drill today it is very similar th the rotary drilling done by those who drilled the Lucas Gusher over a hundred years ago. The new technologies we have are tacked onto the old methods like dancing shoes on dinosaurs. Until we change how we drill and what we are trying to do to get the oil and gas to flow out of the formation these accidents will continue to happen over and over. Dr. Paul: I couldn't consider voting Republican, I hold my nose to vote for a Democrat. I've voted for Nader, not because he had a chance or even because I thought he would be a good President, but because I live in Texas so it didn't matter and he best reflected my views, lose or lose. I may vote for Ron Paul a "liberican". (liberterian-republican) Congressman Paul co-sponsored a bill to end the drug war with Barny Frank you can't cross the isle and compromise any farther than that. He may unite Tea Party people and some 99% OWS people. He wants to end the FED and place those power back in the hands of the U.S. Treasury like Andrew Jackson did. He wants to bring our troops home from around the globe, close our bases and end foreign financial aid to everybody. He want to strictly adhere to the U.S. Constitution, what kind of a crazy politician is that. He does have several views I disagree with but if you want someone who you agree with completely, run yourself. A vote for Ron Paul may be a hopeless vote but it sends a strong message of hope. from and for "We the People". Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran To say one more time: Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it, because it's obvious not many people know that much about history when we as a country do quite a lot of repeating. We know our own culture, our own people, our own country well enough but generally we don't know that much about the rest of the world. Many of us know what we hear on TV or some of us what we hear on Talk Radio, like over 70% of our people believe Iran now has a nuclear weapon, just like 70% believed Iraq had nuclear weapons and also Saddam was involved in the 9-11 attacks. Those beliefs were not and are not history. The drumbeat to war does not pound so true only very loud. People in our government and the Israeli government have been warning about Iran soon having a nuclear weapon since the late 60's but the top national security officials in the CIA and others in our government have all recently testified before congress that "Iran does not have a nuclear weapon and has not made a decision to build such a weapon". With all of the talk of Israel and or our country attacking Iran, they might be so foolish as to think they need such a weapon. Israel has nuclear weapons, Colonel Qaddafi in Libya gave up his nuclear program and what did it get him. If you threaten war and rattle sabers enough your enemies will surly arm themselves. If we threaten to bomb them and then they say if we do they will retaliate, then we say they are a threat. Who wins, the military industrial complex and the oil companies while everyone else loses. Some history: one of the last times we felt threatened by Iran in 1988 our war ship the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf shot down an Iranian passenger jet liner killing everyone on board, we said it was an accident. Iran did not overtly retaliate. As a matter of fact there has only been one country in the middle east that has attacked us in international waters and that was during the six day war in 1967 when the Israelis shot, bombed and torpedoed relentlessly our spy ship the USS Liberty killing 34 and wounding 174 of our sailors and NSA civilians, the Israelis then claimed it was an accident, a claim disputed by many. In 1953 the democratically elected government in Iran was led by Mossadeq who nationalized Iranian oil, their oil. The fore runner of BP- British Petroleum, Winston Churchill, MI5, President Eisenhower, and the CIA instigated a coup to get rid of Mossadeq and installed the Shah of Iran, they then trained his secret police in torture and terror and ran the country with an iron fist for nearly 30 years, for oil. In 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini came to power and Iranian students took 52 US Embassy staff hostages for over a year, none were seriously harmed. They were all released the day President Ronald Reagan took office. Later it was learned that they were traded for weapons and a Bible. The very first historical warfare ever known was fought right there in that same area over 5,500 years ago, the history of the Middle East is written in oil and blood, let us please not repeat it again. To say one more time: Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it, because it's obvious not many people know that much about history when we as a country do quite a lot of repeating. We know our own culture, our own people, our own country well enough but generally we don't know that much about the rest of the world. Many of us know what we hear on TV or some of us what we hear on Talk Radio, like over 70% of our people believe Iran now has a nuclear weapon, just like 70% believed Iraq had nuclear weapons and also Saddam was involved in the 9-11 attacks. Those beliefs were not and are not history. The drumbeat to war does not pound so true only very loud. People in our government and the Israeli government have been warning about Iran soon having a nuclear weapon since the late 60's but the top national security officials in the CIA and others in our government have all recently testified before congress that "Iran does not have a nuclear weapon and has not made a decision to build such a weapon". With all of the talk of Israel and or our country attacking Iran, they might be so foolish as to think they need such a weapon. Israel has nuclear weapons, Colonel Qaddafi in Libya gave up his nuclear program and what did it get him. If you threaten war and rattle sabers enough your enemies will surly arm themselves. If we threaten to bomb them and then they say if we do they will retaliate, then we say they are a threat. Who wins, the military industrial complex and the oil companies while everyone else loses. Some history: one of the last times we felt threatened by Iran in 1988 our war ship the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf shot down an Iranian passenger jet liner killing everyone on board, we said it was an accident. Iran did not overtly retaliate. As a matter of fact there has only been one country in the middle east that has attacked us in international waters and that was during the six day war in 1967 when the Israelis shot, bombed and torpedoed relentlessly our spy ship the USS Liberty killing 34 and wounding 174 of our sailors and NSA civilians, the Israelis then claimed it was an accident, a claim disputed by many. In 1953 the democratically elected government in Iran was led by Mossadeq who nationalized Iranian oil, their oil. The fore runner of BP- British Petroleum, Winston Churchill, MI5, President Eisenhower, and the CIA instigated a coup to get rid of Mossadeq and installed the Shah of Iran, they then trained his secret police in torture and terror and ran the country with an iron fist for nearly 30 years, for oil. In 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini came to power and Iranian students took 52 US Embassy staff hostages for over a year, none were seriously harmed. They were all released the day President Ronald Reagan took office. Later it was learned that they were traded for weapons and a Bible. The very first historical warfare ever known was fought right there in that same area over 5,500 years ago, the history of the Middle East is written in oil and blood, let us please not repeat it again. Whisper Sometimes we succeed by just blind luck and sometimes we fail because it's just bad luck of the draw, but most all other times we fail because we deserve to fail. Because stupidity will always fail and the greatest form of stupidity is denying then ignoring the truth. We are a country in the mists of a pandemic of ignorance. We teach ignorance we promote ignorance we praise and believe ignorance because the ignorant can be led around with a stick and a carrot on a string. The ignorant in a blind mad stampede can be willingly led right over the cliff. The ignorant will gleefully crucify the God of truth. And those who lead and run this Country know that very well. Their justice is a lie and their freedom is in chains. Their souls are sour and rotten to the void emptiness of their core. They are nihilists, they don't even believe in themselves. They do not even know well who they themselves are, they are the best and the brightest and the strongest of fools who believe their own lies. Their vision is beneath the blind fold that they keep tied tightly over their own eyes. They live in a world of only this moment, a moment that they would sell the soul of the entire world to control. They are the very monsters they condemn. They are their own devils, masters of their own hell. Who, but the most ignorant would follow them into their disaster. They will have the tongue of anyone who would call out who they are. So whisper their name softly but still tell the story because that is the only freedom we have. Lake Atitlan

I think in the summer of 1985 I knew this guy John and Erditha and she was from Guatemala and they had a Video Business in Guatemala City and other stuff going on down there. They weren’t smugglers but they were interested observers. So John would buy and drive an older Toyota Truck down there with all the parts to re-build it and he would also bring all the parts to restore a 1964 Ford Mustang he would find these cars up in the Guatemala Mountains no rust and the people didn’t know what they had so he bought them real cheap then he would fix up both get all the work done cheap down there and painted them then he would sell the Truck for a top price cause that’s what they wanted down there and he would drive the Restored Mustang back to the US he also would bring stuff with him like video cassettes, cameras and micro wave ovens most people didn’t know even what those were, they thought they were TV’s. So I drove my Pickup Truck down there and they rode. One of those adventures that had some real danger but not too much I hoped. I drove down to Brownsville but I stayed up all night drinking and such so the next morning we crossed the border and I passed out in the camper sleeping all day. That was the pattern in Tampico, Poza Rica, Veracruz, all the way until we got to Guatemala City so a little over a month later when I had to drive back by myself I didn’t know the way except from bar to bar in town. So Erditha made me a map with every town I drove through all the way to Texas and taught me Key Camino? Which road Texas? and so the Mexican villagers all the way across Mexico pointed me back Cassa Norta. When we got down there they would take me around and drop me off at some drug hub somewhere and I would go in and drum up some business for them to smuggle back. I didn’t really do anything cause I just wanted to go down and party on my friends dime. I’d go in buy some coke or pot and get to know some of these people. I met some colorful people a few of them were Germans there were some German Bars too these guys were like the sons of escaped Nazis from WWll or something. There were some Cubans too but the biggest drug guy I met was from the city and he had just got out of prison for Bank Robbery. Now in Guatemala everywhere are soldiers with machineguns cause the Guerrilla Revolution was going on. So the soldiers with the guns were at the bank that my friend robbed, I guess and I hope he was my friend, anyway he survived but a couple in his gang didn’t, he had bullet wounds. He was a neat guy with a nice house and wife. He had a band and he played drums not rock drums Ricky Ricardo Drums and he had the best blue tinted cocaine, very mellow, not Jones cut like by the time it gets to the US. We were staying at Johns sister in laws house in the suburbs. I went out to a strip joint-whore house one night and picked up a tricycle. Me and the girls got out to my truck on the street and a cab was there and the cabbie said need a ride to a hotel, I say no I got my truck, then he points to my tires, two flats. I said yes we need a ride. Well I had to get back to the truck in the morning if it was still there? So I couldn’t go to a hotel. I had an apartment I stayed at connected to the sister in laws house with my own entrance. We went back there and were nice and quiet. Next morning early, when I get John up to get out of there so we could get my truck the Lady sees me and the Girls sneakin out. My truck was still there and I got new tires but I was in serious trouble with my sister in law hostess. Get the hell out. Many times you think you are in trouble for being who you are but then it all works out for the much better. John says I have this friend over in town where you can rent an upstairs room. I met Willie and it was on. No not in that way, sicko. He was older and politically connected but his party was out of power he was some kind of minister of something. I wanted to use the phone one day and said I would pay the bill. He says he hasn’t paid a bill in four years not phone or water or electricity. So me an Willie start catin around. One day he says lets go up to the lake I say where? Lake Atitlan in the highlands. Woo what a trip. We are driving up in the mountains in the middle of the jungle we come around a curve and there is a deep ravine with a bridge and a rushing river two hundred feet down only thing the bridge is washed out and there is a pile of dirt in the road oh yes it’s raining a little. One side of the pile of dirt was big but one side was rounded down where other drivers had already hit it. That was the way you put up a road block in the jungle, that’s the sign that the bridge is washed out. A pile of dirt in the road. Well it was better to hit the little side so that’s what I aimed for. We went over like the dukes and we came down in a skid towards the edge of the bridge of the abyss. I got control of the truck but I didn’t want to skid again so I was babying the road but I knew it was ok. The only thing Willie didn’t know it was ok he was sure we were going over. I looked over and he had the death face on and he made just a little whimper sound of resolution. It was hilarious. When we stopped not far from the edge I was laughing and he was happy for just a second then he was alive enough to be pissed. We had to back up and drive down a little side road to the river and there was a little temporary bridge to cross. As we got closer to the lake the magic was emanating from the ground you could feel the energy of the place sometimes my hair would stand up on end it wasn’t just the drugs it actually made the drugs better. Aldus Huxley said it was the most beautiful place in the world. We gave a ride to this Mayan Girl who was on the side of the road. I found out later she was a shaman girl her name was Margarita and she had the best magic mushrooms. So that evening when we got to the village by the lake we were staying with Louis who was Willie’s friend and his father was one of the few Mayan’s who still owned his land as most had lost or sold their land off. Louis’s father Don Carlos owned a coffee plantation on the side of the Volcanoes that surrounded the lake and the coffee was the best in the world Juan Valdez’s coffee was mountain grown and it was pretty good but Don Carlos’s coffee was Volcano Grown and it was no contest. When we drank the coffee they just poured a little in the cup and then poured in the rest with hot water to dilute it down because it was so strong. The house we stayed in was like a Pompeii Villa it had one big front door like a gate and no windows like a fort and all the rooms were turned inward to face the garden court yard with flowers and fruit trees some fruit I had never even seen before and they had a couple of big toucans or big parrots. I didn’t know what kind of birds they were because they only spoke Spanish. We sat there drinking coffee and over the wall of the house you could see the volcanoes two of them side by side in the distance but not that far and they almost always had some clouds hanging around the tops near the craters and I asked how long ago had they erupted and was that smoke coming from the peaks. They said we would know if they were erupting, I said great. Then sometimes the clouds would just start to grow and come down the sides of them till in just a few minutes we would be in a thick fog, it was mysterious and spooky a little. The weather was perfect it was cool all the time and it rained nearly every day in the afternoon and at night it was just a little chilly. After we were there a few days near evening when the sun was just fixing to set I took the shroons Margareta gave me. I sat on the shore of the lake and waited a little while for the effect to arrive and arrive it did. The psychedelic effect of mushrooms is not as strong as LSD it’s milder and more mellow. It makes all the colors of the rainbow richer and deeper and it makes the sounds you hear like sound you have never really heard before. I was a little worried because I had taken my share of LSD in younger days and after a while I started having bad trips Gestapo Trips and Vampire Trips and it got to be really a rough ride. Sometimes I would take it just to try to have a nice mellow trip like I used to but I rarely did. Up at the lake though it was just right a Goldilocks trip. The Psychedelic effect you have when you take those types of drugs depends on the environment and the state of mind you are in at the time. The drug magnifies whatever state of mind you are already in. If it’s safe and calm and beautiful and peaceful it’s great if it’s not it’s not. I made a little fire and sat out there for a few hours till I decided to go for a swim and it was a little scary because the lake is a caldera the ancient mouth of a very large and old volcano so it was like swimming it the throat of some great beast. Even though it was ominous the mushrooms weren’t as radical as hard core LSD so I just swam on. When I went under the water it was like another underworld and I hallucinated seeing Mayan Temples and Pyramids and structures below the waters. So the fear of emptiness came over me and I swam back to the beach and went back to the house a little while later and we smoked some black weed to mellow out a little bit. That weed made my feet numb and cold it must have been good. You can never tell on psychedelics what is real or what is just another hallucination. I don’t guess it matters which is which as they are both the same. I have always liked archeology and have read a lot about the Mayans and the Sumerians and the Egyptians. That’s one of the reasons I went down to Guatemala to see the ruins. The next day we were driving around the lake to go to Gringo-Tanango that what they call Panajachel (panahachel) because all the tourist busses all go there. So Louis says take this little dirt road and we go around a curve and he says stop here, we get out and he points out a Mayan Pyramid completely covered by the jungle and he says his father bought the land just to preserve it. You could see the shape or the jungle go almost straight up as the trees had covered is up. We wandered around for a little while and then went over to Panajachel and drank some beers and smoked some black weed. You had to watch out back then because the rebels were fighting the government a Gorilla Revolution had been going on for about 25 years or so and the army was all over the place. They didn’t bother Willie or Louis so I was in safe hands I hoped. That evening when we got back to the village Don Louis took me into his study and he opened his big safe he had. He showed me his gun cause no one was supposed to have a gun down there but he was an important man so he was armed. Then he started taking out these Mayan Carvings he had a whole collection that the village people had found in the jungle and sold to him. They were all whistles so that’s how they communicated across the jungle in ancient times they carved these figures and hollowed them out. There was a jaguar whistle, a toucan, a fish so each whistle made a different sound and meant a different thing, it’s how they talked. So he shows me a turtle whistle and then he shows me a shaman whistle and puts it back in the box and I said hold on a second what about that last one. He gets it back out and I look at it real close. It’s a medicine man carved about five inches tall and he has a head dress on but the head dress is really a little elephants head with the trunk sticking straight up in the air and the eras are flopped down around the shamans head and he has two tusks he is holding in each hand, if it were to scale the tusks would be about two feet. I was amazed. What the hell was an elephant doing in ancient Mayan culture. I just kept looking at it and Don Carlos had no idea what was going on. I ask if he knew where it was found and he said he had it for years and had no idea where is was dug from. I knew that the elephant was very small but he still had tusks so he wasn’t a baby elephant. It was a pigmy elephant. And in a flash I remembered in Homers writing about Atlantis there were pigmy elephants and this was Lake Atitlan and I remembered my vision when I was swimming in the lake and saw a submerged temple under the water. There were also three circular volcanoes and so it was Atlantis. It wasn’t a continent that sank below the waters but just a city state on an island out in the lake. When the volcano erupted and a landslide or lahar came down the side of the Volcano and sank the island below the waters. So that is where it is the lost city of Atlantis is below the waters of Lake Atitlan they are even spelled the same. I wrote a letter to National Geographic telling about my theory so they send me vacation magazines every few months for years now trying to get me to fly around the world on a private jet or take a ship to Antarctica. I told them I only want to go to Lake Atitlan to find Atlantis.

To Be Continued


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