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Hal J. Ridley, Jr.
Independent Inventor
I used to be a structural Ironworker in IW Local # 125 in Beaumont,TX. I am now an independent inventor among other interests. I work designing the "Robotic Construction Model". I believe most all of our problems are in fact just one problem, how we live. To change the way we live, we change the way we build. Robotic Construction Model is a new way to build, a new type of building, using a series of Construction Robots that I have invented. On 11-04-03 I was granted my first US patent, the "Multi-Function Construction Aid" # 6640928.  To cover the whole RC Model will take 14 more patents. Buckminster Fuller said " If you want to change things don't confront reality head on, create a new model that makes the old model obsolete." RC Model will do just that using a series of construction robots (loosely defined, as yet un-built) we will build much faster, safer, stronger, and cheaper, so cheap that we could add several energy systems, constructing an energy self-sufficient building, still less expensive than today's construction methods. We would also be able to subsides sequestering the CO2 from the process of making concrete. These buildings would not blow down, shake down, burn down or wash away with very little exception.  We could build structures that make their own power, Renewable, make their own fuel, Hydrogen, make and filter their own water and treat their waste water, all off the grid. The way we live today has by-products, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Pollution, Radioactive Waste, and Oil Wars.  RC Model will have by-products as well they will be Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water. RC Model is not just a new way to build it will be a new way to live. RC Model will bring together a wide variety of technologies in one synergistic whole such as Dr. Mills "Blacklight Power" and "Nano Solar" out of Palo Alto. I believe Robotic Construction Model is likely the only way to change how we live fast enough to make a difference. Al Gore says we may have ten or twenty years to try to stop Dramatic Climate Change and hopefully reverse Global Warming. If that chance is one in two, or one in ten, or one in a hundred something still must be done. This is the way to start making those changes. 
You should investigate my work and seriously consider what I am trying to do, as most all of us are trying to do the same thing, make a better world for ourselves, our families, our children and the generations to come. I cannot give you the vision to see what I say is true, but if you give me the chance I can likely prove I am right about what I say. We can do this, build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet. There are many solutions to help solve our problems, as you well know the great majority of them cost more. This is a way to put them all together and still make them cost less. "The Multi-Function Construction Aid" is my first patent it is, or will be a piece of construction equipment that will fit together in several different ways to do a variety of jobs on the construction site. It will be a Free Standing Mobile Safety Ladder, or a Man-lift, a Gantry Crane, a Tower Crane, a Rail Crane, a Scaffold System, a Material Elevator, or a Two Way Personnel Elevator as well as several other functions. To view my patent on-line go to the US Patent Office web site  click: Search, click: Quick Search, click: Issued Patents, click: Pat Num, enter 6640928.  If the patent drawings will not come up on your computer go back, find "How to View Images" download a free reader program from the Patent Office. The control buttons to advance through the drawings are upper middle of the page on the left. The drawings that I have made now have some obvious improvements over my patent drawings.
With new ideas it is difficult to get a hearing, it's difficult to get someone or anyone to listen. Most people are not willing to risk taking a chance on a new way in the future when the old way is here now, but the way we do things now is broken.
Over and over throughout history it is proven those who hesitate to innovate are left behind. You should give me a chance, hear what I have to say, give me a call or e-mail.  I am not really asking you for anything as I am the one with something to give. One person awakes from a dream, when three and more people adopt that dream it becomes a vision when enough people see that vision it becomes reality, sometimes. This is my vision, you should make it yours too.
 We can do this, build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet. 


We have our first patent  The Multi-function Construction Aid patent #6640928
Future patents are confidential proprietary intellectual property.
An inventor cannot give up enabling information on an invention
before applying for a patent or he or she looses the right to patent.
To give up enabling information before filing for a patent
he or she must have a Confidential  Secrecy Agreement Signed
by the party that such information is being shared with.
U.S. Patent Law


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